Travel SEO Company – SEO Services for Traveling Companies

Travel SEO Company - SEO Services for Traveling Companies

Our company specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) for the travel industry. Travel agencies, tourism websites, or other businesses in the travel industry can benefit from our services to increase their online visibility, improve their search engine rankings, and attract more visitors.

MetaSense Marketing provides SEO services for travel brands across the country. Huff Post and MSNBC have featured us, and Up City, SEO blog, and Expertise have rated us as a top SEO agency. Additionally, our SEO methodology has proven to increase traffic and revenue by 100%.

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Travel SEO – what is it?

Travel SEO - what is it?

The term travel SEO refers to the optimization of travel websites for search engines. Websites that advertise cheap flights, tourism agencies, vacation planners, and travel blogs are among them. Search engine optimization for travel is concerned with ranking your company for search terms that people already use.

Our Travel SEO Process

As tourists plan their vacations, our travel SEO services reach out to them at every step of the way. We assist you in planning your content and conducting keyword research. Moreover, we audit your preexisting content to ensure everything on your site is working properly.

Below are the key components of SEO for travel sites. We can help your travel website stand out in relevant searches, regardless of the content of your website.

What is the need for SEO for travel businesses?

Travel agents, event planners, tour guides, and vacation rental property owners all require SEO plans.

  • Travelers plan most of their trips online:
    • 57 percent of leisure travelers and 64 percent of business travelers begin their travel planning online, according to Google Research.
  • Google is used by most consumers:
    • A search engine like Google is used by 93% of consumers when they conduct online research. Travel businesses should be prominently featured there.
  • A boom is on the way for the travel industry:
    • With COVID-19 subsiding and consumers once again able to travel freely without fear, analysts predict an unprecedented travel boom. Make sure your website is up to date now.

Travel Businesses Benefit from SEO:

Travel businesses need expert-driven SEO campaigns.

  • As a result, you can stand out in one of the most competitive niches in digital marketing.
  • Generating relevant organic traffic from the most qualified leads, such as serious travelers seeking exactly what you have to offer, helps you build your business.
  • Using it, you can reach out to people without spending money on short-term, costly advertisements.
  • In addition, it allows you to establish credibility and trust as a travel company. Due to the nature of travel, people are inherently taken out of their comfort zones, and trust is crucial.
  • You will be able to reach out to prospective customers both locally and nationally/internationally.
  • The tool helps you avoid travel SEO mistakes, such as targeting the wrong geographical locations and using the wrong keywords.

What is the best way to choose a travel SEO partner?

For a travel SEO company, the following qualities are essential:

Capabilities at the local and global levels

You’ll likely need to optimize both local and broad search terms unless you run a strictly local travel agency. Each type of strategy has its complexities, so you need an agency that specializes in both.

Developing top-notch content

Four out of five ranking factors for travel businesses are content-related. Both search engines and travelers need to be able to benefit from your SEO team’s content marketing strategies.

Capacity to build strong links

There are more than 150 inbound links on successful travel company websites (23% more than the average for all other industries). An SEO partner with experience building high-authority links is essential.

Track Record of Success

The travel sector is a highly competitive industry, so you can’t rely on an unproven or small agency. Invest in a trusted SEO authority with case studies that prove their results.

Travel Company SEO Campaign Types

Travel Company SEO Campaign Types

Your travel agents may benefit from our experience providing local, enterprise, franchise, and eCommerce SEO services. Your travel agents will benefit from an SEO strategy designed by us if you choose us for your digital marketing.

Search engine optimization for travel agents:

The most common type of advertising we do for travel agents is local search engine optimization. This service can help local travel agents rank higher in search engine results.

Chicago travel agents, for instance, would seek to appear higher in organic search results for “Chicago travel agents.” As part of your local SEO audit, you’ll need to optimize your Google My Business account, on-page optimizations, keyword research, backlink profile optimization, reviews of your business listings, and possibly even conversion rate optimization. Performing these types of SEO improvements would help your travel company appear higher on Google Maps.

Often, travel agents spend more than $800 per month on local SEO campaigns.

Enterprise SEO for Travel Agents

Besides ranking a location-based business, we offer enterprise-level SEO for large SEO projects, which requires a much more robust SEO strategy.

SEO services for a website with thousands of pages typically involve targeting extremely competitive keywords on a national level. We use keyword research and content optimization platforms, such as Surfer SEO and Ahrefs, to achieve this. We put forth a great deal of effort when it comes to enterprise SEO. In our first step, we will audit the past SEO efforts for your travel company website, create a content marketing plan, and then move on to technical, on-page, and off-page SEO.

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Travel agents usually incur a monthly budget of $8,000 for enterprise SEO services.

Franchise SEO Plans for Travel Agents

There are a lot of similarities between franchise SEO and local SEO – the focus is on the franchise owners. Your travel company locations will benefit from this SEO service.

We provide all the previously mentioned local SEO services, but for every franchise location. As well as optimizing multiple Google My Business profiles, performing SEO on a much more complex website, handling franchisee requests, ranking for franchise opportunity keywords, and helping you develop your franchise operation are some of the key differences.

There are often monthly budgets of $2,000 or more for franchise SEO campaigns for travel agents.

E commerce SEO Services for Travel Agents

With our help, you can rank your online storefront’s products and services better. For an e-commerce business to succeed, this type of digital marketing is crucial.

Would you like to rank your travel company’s products with the help of an outstanding SEO agency? Woo Commerce, Shopify, and Big Commerce are some of the eCommerce platforms we’ve built and marketed. The best SEO company for travel agents is one that has onsite e-commerce developers and SEO specialists. Our technical, on-page, and off-page SEO departments can work in tandem to provide efficient services. Our team will make sure that all your structured data, content silos, URL structures, and 301 redirects are handled properly.

Most travel agents have a monthly budget of $1,600 or more for eCommerce SEO campaigns.

  • Travel planners’ SEO
  • Trip Advisor SEO
  • Vacation planner SEO
  • Travel agents’ SEO

Search Engine Optimization for Travel Agents: How We Do It

There are three categories of travel agent SEO services provided by our SEO company: technical, onsite, and offsite.

Technical SEO for Travel Companies

Technical SEO is well known to most travel companies. Speed up your pages, pass Google Core Web Vitals, implement SSL certificates, fix responsive issues, remove duplicate content, add structured data, create XML/HTML sitemaps, set up Google Search Console, and fix any other issues that are discovered during an SEO audit. Travel companies can rely on us for all their technical SEO issues in WordPress, Shopify, Big Commerce, or Laravel.

On-Page SEO tactics for travel companies

It is not a popular pastime for travel agents to do their on-site SEO because they dislike writing content. It’s no problem for us, we love creating content! Our SEO content writers can craft thoughtful articles between 750 and 4,000 words for use as blog posts, service descriptions, guest posts, and more! To ensure your content ranks in search engines, we conduct keyword research and competitor analysis before writing it. In addition to that, we can also improve the on-page SEO of travel companies by writing meta descriptions, optimizing page titles, fixing heading tags, building content silos, developing info graphics, creating videos, and reducing keyword cannibalization.

Off-Page SEO Services for Travel Companies

As a result of reviewing several backlink profiles, we often find that travel agents have neglected off-page SEO. It might be time to check your backlink profile if you have had trouble getting off the second or third page of search results for years. We help travel companies detect malicious and spammy backlinks, such as PBNs, through our backlink analysis services. Using that information, we developed SEO recommendations for travel agencies that include guest post outreach, the niche / curated edits, HARO outreach, social citations, and NAP citations.

SEO services for travel agencies

If It is important to find the right internet marketing company that can offer affordable and more effective online marketing services for tour & travel agencies, MetaSense Marketing makes sure you have a strong online presence and are optimized for your online channels. Our specialists approach your business market by

  • Optimization of search engines
  • Analytics for the web
  • Social media marketing
  • Teamwork that is experienced and skilled

We Increase your Internet visibility for the travel industry with a comprehensive Internet marketing strategy.

A number of our work strategies have also been praised by the company. In India, we have a skilled team spread across the country. As you progress toward your goals, we will keep track of your progress.

What makes our SEO services the best for travel and tourism agencies?

For travel agencies, tour & travel websites, travel agents, and tour & travel agencies, our SEO services are always there to help with all of your problems.

  • Our services are low-cost
  • There are no setup fees
  • For your business, we guarantee guaranteed results
  • Keep your website up-to-date and promoted as quickly as possible
  • Be found online to generate more leads and inquiries
  • For a minimum investment, we are sure to deliver a better return
  • SEO services experience of more than 6 years
  • 24/7 availability and 100% security

Travel Agencies in India and abroad can benefit from MetaSense Marketing’s SEO services targeting Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Chennai, Pune, and other major cities.

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