Learn how SEO Experts Build Links in this Webinar

Learn how SEO Experts Build Links in this Webinar

Join our upcoming webinar to uncover link-building strategies used by top SEO experts. Learn firsthand the techniques and tools that can propel your website’s search rankings. Perfect for digital marketers, SEO professionals, and anyone keen on mastering the art of effective link building.

Especially in a competitive industry, link building is an essential component of SEO to drive organic traffic. Link building can generate more organic traffic when combined with technical solid SEO foundations, great on-page SEO, and excellent content.

Authenticity, relevance, and quality score are more crucial than ever. A long-term organic search success strategy shouldn’t include low-quality, spammy link-building techniques. Nowadays, link building is comparable to great marketing, and companies that understand this often succeed long-term. However, building links doesn’t mean all techniques must revolve around your product, or there isn’t a technical aspect to it. We’ll see there’s still a lot more to be understood than this.

You will be able to get started quickly with the help of this guide. It’s a lot to digest, but we’ve broken it down into easy-to-digest chapters and included plenty of examples.

Here’s a Beginner’s Guide to Link Building we hope you’ll enjoy! With MetaSense Marketing, you can build better links. Link research, competitive insights, and link profile analysis have never been easier. MetaSense Marketing allows you to grow your traffic, rankings, and authority for free.

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What is Link Building?

By building links to your website, you acquire hyperlinks from other websites. Users navigate between Internet pages using hyperlinks (also called links). The web is crawled by search engines using links. Your website’s internal links will be crawled, and the links between individual pages will be crawled.

SEOs and marketers do not build every link. Journalists often link to sources when covering a news story, or a blogger may link to a retailer because they love their new coffee machine.

The nirvana of SEO is acquiring links without asking for them. Over time, it should be something you strive for and build towards. Whether that be by producing great content that is referenced by other websites or by putting in the work to make your website link-worthy, you can make it link-worthy by creating it link-worthy.

Furthermore, you can increase your ranking chances and traffic from organic searches by leveraging various link-building techniques that build your authority.

“The majority of our link-building efforts are based on content. They can take many forms, from large interactive campaigns with indexes, calculators, and tools to static campaigns with graphics and on-page copy that are more report-like. A pitch email can secure great links back to home or category pages with quick-turnaround pieces and brainteasers..”

Here is what a hyperlink looks like

Link building can only be understood by first understanding how a link is created, how search engines interpret links, and how they see them.

  1. This tag indicates that a link to another page will follow, and is called an anchor tag (hence the “a”).
  2. In the “href” tag, the URL to which the text inside quotation marks indicates the link points. The address of a web page does not always have to be the address of a web page; it can also be the address of an image or a file. A # sign can sometimes appear instead of a URL. A specific section of the URL can be accessed via these links.
  3. To open a link, users must click on the visible/anchor text of the link on the page. As a visual cue to users that it is a clickable link, the text is usually formatted to stand out from the surrounding text, often with blue color and/or underlining.
  4. Link tag closure: This tells search engines that the link tag has ended.

Search engines’ interpretation of links

Search engines use links in two fundamental ways:

  1. They can then use these pages in their search results as new web pages
  2. In order to determine the rank of a page in their search results

What are the top strategies for building links?

What are the top strategies for building links?

1. Building broken links

  • A broken link-building strategy involves finding broken links on another website and contacting them to receive a backlink. Find broken links instantly with SEMrush or Ahref tools.

2. Claim brand mentions

  • You can use brand mentions to tell customers about your company’s products or services online. Depending on the post, it may be on a blog, a resource page, a news story, a review post, or an educational resource page. Obtain a link from the webmaster of the website where your brand name is mentioned and contact them to claim the link.

3. Analyze your competitors’ backlink strategies

  • Stay one step ahead of all your competitors by keeping an eye on their link-building strategies. Backlinks from competitors can be found using tools like Ahref, SEMrush, Majestic SEO, and Moz.

4. Quora, for example, is a good site for Q/A

  • Answer questions on sites such as Quora, Stack Exchange, Ask.fm, and Answers.com. It helps us build brand awareness and trust by finding relevant questions regarding our product or service and answering them accordingly.

5. Techniques for skyscrapers

  • By finding high-ranking content and improving it, you can earn more quality backlinks with the skyscraper technique.
    • Keywords with high competition should be checked
    • Analyze and research top-ranking content
    • Improve the content you create
    • The content should be promoted and outreached
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6. Links to resources

  • The resource page provides all the information on a particular topic on a website. In order to earn quality links from external websites, it is important to write relevant content for the specific topic.

7. Roundups from experts

  • The expert roundup is a collection of blog posts, reviews, and interviews from multiple experts to earn high-quality backlinks from related websites that increase traffic, build trust, and increase website authority.

8. HARO (Help A Reporter Out)

  • A high-quality backlink from a high-trust website such as Forbes, Bluehost blog, or Entrepreneur, is the best way to build DA 90+ backlinks.
  • You will receive three emails a day with a different set of questions when you register as a Source on HARO. The topic should not exceed 200 words in length. You may earn links if the journalist contacts you for more information if they are interested.

9. Reclamation of links

  • Using Link Reclamation to recover lost backlinks will help you build a link profile, increase page ranking, and regain link value.

10. Getting involved with local communities

  • Organizing seminars, workshops, and events in local communities. It can help build brand awareness and earn influential links by sponsoring, awarding scholarships, and donating to local business associations.

Explore how to Link Building Internally for Free

Explore how to Link Building Internally for Free

A simple, underrated method exists for building links to pages you are trying to rank higher in search engines. Internal link building is a method you can control completely.

The following factors should be considered when trying to rank a Web page:

1. The anchor text is:

  • The actual text a linking page uses to talk about your content is one of the most important things search engines consider when ranking a page. The phrase “wind turbine parts” helps us rank highly for that keyword phrase if someone links to our Good Guys Wind Turbine Parts site using that word, whereas we would not receive the same ranking advantage if they linked to our site using text such as “Good Guys LLC”.

2. Linking Page Quality

  • It is also important to consider the quality of the page linking to the page. Search engines favor links from high-quality, trusted pages for ranking boosts over links from questionable pages.

3. Link Aims at

  • People often link to your home page when discussing your site. The difficulty of generating link equity on individual pages makes it difficult for them to rank high.

How to build internal links?

So What are the best ways to build internal links? In a few simple steps, you can interlink your pages:

  • The first step in link building is to conduct keyword research to find the most relevant and popular keywords.
  • The next step is to assign keywords strategically to your content, resulting in a search engine-friendly information architecture.
  • By linking to content using the keywords you’ve discovered, you’ll be able to move on to the final step of your keyword research: using targeted anchor texts to interlink pages.

It is crucial to execute the third item. Make sure you use the right anchor text when linking to the right pages.

A web-page that is worth linking to is important: To conclude

Building links to something of value is necessary before building links to it. Website homepages are often used as landing pages. Usually, you link to specialized resources, such as blog posts, tools, research studies, and graphics. Link-building campaigns sometimes begin before these assets exist. It may also be the case that you create the resources specifically for the purpose of building links.

This blog aims to introduce the concepts of link earning and “deserving to rank.” All link-building campaigns must begin with content that is worth linking to. When you start with something that people find useful or share-worthy, link building becomes much easier. Building links to low-value web pages is very difficult. In addition, you are increasing your chances of getting links you didn’t request in the long run. So, are you interested to boost your business? If yes, then connect with MetaSense Marketing. We are one of the leading digital marketing company. Feel free to contact us.

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