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Explore the facts about SEO Auditing Services

Looking for someone to perform an SEO audit on your website? Here you are exactly where you need to be.

A search engine optimization audit analyzes a website’s content and code to determine if any problems can be fixed to improve its ranking. SEO audits are performed to find and fix issues affecting a site’s search engine ranking.

You should conduct SEO audits to identify and fix SEO issues that could negatively impact your ranking. Someone with experience, knowledge, and a keen eye for detail must conduct your website’s SEO audit.

We specialize in SEO audits. In the following sections, you’ll learn what types of SEO audit we provide, why you probably need one, and why hiring me is a good idea.

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How does an SEO Website Audit work?

A tax audit is probably not something you want regarding your taxes. SEO, however, requires you to do so. An SEO audit determines if your website meets Google’s best practices. The first step to improving your site’s organic search ranking is to fix any issues it may have.

With our SEO audit, your site is crawled and indexed, redirects are eliminated, duplicate content is checked, and on-page optimization is conducted. A technical website plan will boost your website’s search engine rankings and provide a plan for a technically sound website. More traffic and leads will be brought in by making these changes, resulting in increased revenue.

What are the benefits of SEO auditing?

What are the benefits of SEO auditing?

Maintaining your website’s SEO requires regular audits. As a result, you can develop a successful SEO strategy by gaining insights into your website’s overall performance. Regular website audits are essential since search engine algorithms and Webmaster Guidelines are constantly changing.

You can maximize your search engine ranking by prioritizing your efforts based on the assets you already have on hand – your website. You can effectively measure your return on investment (ROI) through off-page optimization and link building.

Auditing a website: Factors to consider

A website is compared to best practices in SEO audits to analyze its performance. To determine whether organic search performance is affected by specific issues.

  1. Analyzing competitors’ research
    1. Analyzing your competitors’ SEO practices helps us to understand your own
  2. Audit of the architecture
    1. We uncover the underlying potential of your website through an in-depth architecture audit.
  3. A technical audit of the website
    1. The performance of crawling, sitemap, robots.txt and other technical points are audited
  4. Audit of on-page optimization
    1. URL structure, headers, title & meta tags are all included in the on-page audit.
  5. Audit of the quality of content
    1. Your website content is audited and suggestions are provided
  6. Audit of site speed
    1. Google now ranks sites based on their speed as one of the most important factors
  7. Audit of the user experience
    1. To understand the pitfalls of a website, a User Experience audit is essential
  8. Audit of video and image optimization
    1. Images and videos optimized for SEO reduce page load time and rank higher
  9. Audit of off-page optimization
    1. Off-page activities are audited by us and suggestions are provided to prevent any Google penalties.

What is the Process of SEO Audits

What is the Process of SEO Audits

The purpose of our SEO Audit Services is to improve the Search Engine Optimization of your website. With our seven-step intensive SEO audit service process, you’ll reach out to those already searching for what you have to offer by getting your business in front of the right people.

The First Step

  • An audit of your SEO baseline
    • A baseline SEO audit is the first step in our SEO auditing services. Ahrefs, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics are tools we use. A six-page interactive analysis of your site’s SEO performance is generated based on the information you provide.
    • Your site’s users’ behavior and historical visitor trends are included in the analysis. Our next step is to establish a benchmark based on which you will be able to measure your future success.

The Second Step

  • Audit of all pages on the site
    • Page-level audits are the next step in our SEO site analysis. Every URL on your site will be reviewed by our SEO Analyst who will gather information from six sources. SEMrush, Ahrefs, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Screaming Frog, and Sitemap are just a few of the places our SEO Analyst uses to gather this information.
    • Our Page-Level Audit will provide you with the following deliverables: the Aggregated Data, URL Actions such as 301 Redirects, 410 Targets, Crawl Blocking, and No-Index, and a Core Findings Presentation and a One-Hour Consulting Session.

The Third Step

  • Audit of advanced technical SEO
    • Our next step is to conduct a Technical SEO Audit. Three parts of the audit are automated crawls, a manual recommendation sheet for 91 SEO factors, and a developer-friendly assessment of high-impact changes.
    • This process will involve using On-crawl, Screaming Frog, Sitemaps, Page Speed, Search Console, Server Logs, and Chrome Developer Tools.
    • We will present you with a Summary of the Technical Audit, a Prioritized Implementation Chart of 91 On-Page SEO Factors, and 10-30 pages of Developer-Friendly Implementation Recommendations.
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The Fourth Step

  • Keyword Gap Analysis
    • Using a Keyword Research Gap Analysis, we can figure out what content needs to be created going forward. Keywords that you and your competitors rank for are the same. We find the best keyword opportunities for driving future traffic to your site.
    • Ahrefs will be used for our keyword analysis. Furthermore, we will provide you with an analysis of your top five competitors.

The Fifth Step

  • Recommendations for On-Page SEO
    • The next step is on-page SEO. Due to the potential for the quickest ROI, this is the process that many people are most excited about.
    • We will create a comprehensive On-Page SEO report and recommend ways to improve your website’s search engine rankings. These recommendations include meta tags, schema markup, and text updates.
    • Several tools will be used, including Screaming Frog, Sitemaps, Search Console, Google Analytics, and Ahrefs. Our On-Page SEO recommendations will then be provided in a developer-friendly format.

The sixth step

  • Auditing the quality of content on site
    • Lastly, we perform an on-site content quality audit as part of our SEO Audit Services. You can improve the targeting and focus of your blog posts using this process. The reworks can have a significant effect on the traffic to your site as well as the conversion rate of your customers.
    • Our tools of choice will include Screaming Frog, Sitemaps, Google Analytics, Search Console, and Ahrefs. A full Content Audit report will be delivered to you.


  • Regardless of the size of the site, we provide SEO consulting and technical auditing services.


Optimizing your website for organic search can be accomplished through technical SEO audits. To improve your search engine ranking, your website should follow Google guidelines since it is a complex network of pages.

Notifications, errors can impact your on-page SEO, and updates found by a technical SEO audit using tools such as Google Search Console. Screaming Frog, Moz Pro, Majestic SEO, SEMrush, and Ahrefs are other tools we use to identify additional insights:

  • Accessibility & indexing
  • Site architecture
  • Offsite SEO
  • Content
  • Keywords
  • Analytics
  • Duplicate content
  • Broken links
  • Dangling links
  • Similar title tags
  • Duplicate meta descriptions
  • Web copy editing
  • HTML Validation
  • Browser & resolution compatibility
  • Page loading times
  • Site Statistics
  • Error page


Your content will be aligned with your SEO goals if you conduct keyword research and improve on-page optimization. Your content needs to focus on the right keywords if you want to be competitive in your search space, answer the questions your audience is asking and attract customers.

Our keyword research services will help you determine the best keywords for your business based on your industry, company, competitors, and target audience. Once keyword themes are identified, we’ll segment them into groupings that maximize opportunities. You’ll receive a complete keyword research report with keywords themes, opportunities, and trends.


Search engines can more easily understand a webpage’s content and its relationship to a searcher’s query when optimized on-page. You should stay up-to-date with best practices to maximize your visibility in search, as search engines are constantly updating their algorithms to understand user intent better.

On-page SEO: what is it?

Optimizing website pages on-page (also known as on-site SEO) improves rankings and user experience. Search engine optimization focuses on website features you can control, such as title tags, content, headers, URLs, and internal links.

A site’s on-page SEO differs from its off-page SEO, which optimizes elements outside the site (such as backlinks).

On-page SEO services we offer.

Our team will analyze your core web pages for their search engine performance. Next, we’ll suggest changes to on-page elements to make them more search engine friendly. You can significantly improve your ranking by identifying and correcting these on-page factors.

In addition to these issues, there may also be:

  • Structured data
  • Responsiveness
  • Crawlability
  • Site structure
  • Page speed
  • Topical relevance
  • Content
  • Headlines and headers
  • Image optimization
  • Title tags
  • URL naming convention
  • Meta description

As we have updated our on-page SEO audits to ensure target pages are worth ranking, as search engines focus more on serving relevant content.


Penalties are imposed on websites that do not comply with search engine guidelines. The search engine might flag you if its algorithm has changed, or you might be flagged manually if someone flagged your site manually. Links are the most common cause of penalties, so our team focuses on cleaning them up. Your site can be restored to its former glory by backlink auditing services.

Many of our clients have recovered from the negative impact of penalties with our help. You don’t want to lose traffic because you were penalized.


Our team will quickly crack the code to resolve the issue, whether it’s an algorithm update, penalty, technical issue, or anything else.

As a first step, we’ll analyze your Google Analytics data to determine when the traffic drop occurred. Afterward, we’ll examine your keyword phrases, current backlinks, and content quality to determine why your rankings dropped. As part of our SEO services, we’ll ensure that search engines properly index your website’s pages. We will also report on the usability of your site.

How can MetaSense Marketing help you with your SEO audit?

My approach to SEO is holistic, and we fully dedicate ourselves to a given project once we begin working on it. The only clients we work with share our approach to SEO and understand its goals and value.

It is my passion for SEO (in addition to being my job) that makes me stand out as an SEO consultant. You can identify any SEO issues on your website with an SEO audit and quick SEO wins.

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