Creating new content vs. optimizing old web pages: Which is better for SEO?

Creating new content vs. optimizing old web pages: Which is better for SEO?

Content Optimization: How Do You Do It?

An SEO content optimization system is a checklist of tasks you can follow to maximize the visibility of your content on the internet. You may already be familiar with this technique if you’ve tagged an image or added a keyword to a webpage URL.

Taking stock of your existing content is the first step toward optimizing it. Start by listing all the content you have on your website. Based on the results, decide whether it should be updated, archived, or removed from the index. In the event, you’re unsure of what topic to focus on, consider the interests of your target audience and what issues you would like to emphasize more going forward. You will spend the next section of our blog optimizing the best content strategy for you- traffic, links, and conversions (for goodness sake, don’t forget CTAs!).

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Be on the lookout for pieces that are naturally suited to an update. You can reflect on what made the most significant impact on the industry last year, and what trends you expect to carry over this year, if you wrote a blog post about them last year.

Content creation (creating another piece from scratch) and updating an old piece of content(such as pivoting a popular blog towards a more relevant offer) have pros and cons.

The pros of updating old content :

  • Since updating older content takes less time-consuming and effort, it is more cost-effective.
  • You will benefit from your current rankings and improve conversions when you update older content.

Updates to old content cons:

  • You may miss new keyword opportunities.
  • If you’re ranking for keywords that don’t interest your audience, you may not be able to attract them.

Content creation advantages:

  • For now, you can choose to rank for longtail keyword phrases that compliment your fresh content keyword rankings, giving Google a better idea of what your website is about.
  • It’s possible to rank for keywords that you’ve never targeted before.

Content creation cons:

  • Writing a blog post takes an average of 3 hours and 16 minutes.
  • Updates are more expensive than creating new pieces of content from scratch.

No matter which approaches you choose, you should always consider the appropriate balance – for your business – between your target subjects, audience engagement, customer funnel stages, and user intent. Your SEO strategy should use keywords relevant to the areas you focus on. Any products or services you sell within that content will benefit your target audiences, whether you target them under multiple domains or utilize an international SEO strategy.

Several components of your content optimization plan work together in a content ecosystem, with one fuelling the other.

What is the process for updating old content?

What is the process for updating old content?

Using these simple tips, you can optimize your existing content for SEO and increase conversion rates.

Structure your content differently.

  1. Titles should be adjusted. Ensure they are compelling yet relevant to what’s on the page by shortening them to 10 words or less, including a primary keyword in each.
  2. Subheadings, bite-size paragraphs (maximum three sentences), and bulleted lists are helpful for skimmers.
  3. The story should be “shown” – not just “told” – using images, video, and other rich media, as your budget allows. To make the blog more digestible, place these throughout the content.
  4. You should make your content delightful to the user experience in general.
  5. Adapt CTAs to match users’ intentions and stages in the funnel.

Enhance the substance of the content

  1. Information that has been outdated for more than three years must be updated, and images no longer relevant (such as screenshots from product menus that have been updated).
  2. All sentences should be no longer than 14 words.
  3. Recent statistics should support your arguments. You’ll not only be able to create more exciting content but also seem like an expert since you’ll be associated with expert resources.
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Image optimization

  1. Recompress and reupload images. Search engine rankings are heavily influenced by page loading speeds, which are controlled by smaller file sizes.
  2. Your site is indexed by search engines as standard images when you have info graphics or illustrations with a lot of text. Google cannot read images, so put your keywords somewhere else on the page by pairing them with longer text.

Keyword optimization

  1. Research additional keywords as necessary. Search Console (GSC) can tell you what you already rank well for and what you may rank well for shortly. Look for new, related keywords that don’t currently exist (or you couldn’t find them before) using competitive content & keyword research tools.
  2. At least one header should contain your primary keyword. In the case of secondary keywords, put them as headers.
  3. Review the keyword search volume and difficulty to ensure you’ve chosen the right keyword. It is ideal for each target keyword to be highly searched yet challenging to find.
  4. Google may return surprising results even if you think a keyword is evident to you. When searching for “what is bone broth”, you will find more recipes than actual definitions of bone broth. Make sure you understand the “big picture” intent of the search query by researching what’s ranking.
  5. By using keywords naturally within the text, you can avoid keyword stuffing. After you draft the content, go back and find where you should add additional words or phrases.

Setup your internal and external links better

  1. Link to sites that have content, titles, or topics that are relevant to your own.
  2. The depth of your content heavily influences search engine rankings, so mix internal and external links.
  3. Ensure that the sites you link to have high-quality images, links, and content.
  4. You should ensure that the anchor text on your internal links helps your other content rank better for their target keywords by linking to them. If you are optimizing a page, try to find opportunities to connect to it from other website content.

Maintain and grow your content

With SEO, you can build visibility and links over time-consuming to enhance the value of your web pages. Hopefully, all your hard work will pay off in traffic and revenue.

  • Your website must be maintained throughout its lifespan, however.
  • So Creating new web pages should account for 50% of your content-focused time, and refreshing existing web pages should account for 50%.
  • Managing your website’s outdated pages can take a lot of work, and there might already be hundreds or thousands.
  • Just as you create new content regularly, make sure to refresh your content as well.
  • As part of your content creation process, identify existing pages related to each new page and either update or consolidate them.

What is the importance of content for SEO?

What is the importance of content for SEO?

Your visibility dramatically improves when your content is optimized.

It’s just another blog in the millions published on the Internet every day without visibility and exposure.

  • It goes unnoticed.
  • No one shares it.
  • There is no action taken on it.
  • When you know what to do, getting visible is very easy.
  • Creating optimized, unique meta descriptions for all your pages can sometimes significantly impact Google’s visibility.
  • Creating optimized content consistently is the key to visibility and exposure.


Your assets can be updated to create great content that converts leads and ranks higher in search. Make sure that every content on your website has the right content, structure, images, keywords, and links to improve your search engine results. You can start improving your assets after learning how to optimize your content. MetaSense Marketing can help you implement a tailored SEO audit and action plan to meet your needs!

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