The ABC’s of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The ABC’s of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We all begin somewhere on our learning curve in life. Many years ago, I had heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how companies were using it with great success. But, at first, I did not know how it actually worked. Over the years, I have studied it and have been able to apply SEO that has led to the success of many companies’ marketing programs. I have come to find what a powerful tool SEO can be. With this said, I want to share the basics of SEO to get you started.

I have pulled together the ABC’s of SEO and how to use it successfully to give you the full picture.
Where do we begin with SEO? To quote a song, that has been sung in my home many times, “Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start. When you read, you begin with ABC and when you sing you being with …” well, you know the rest.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is necessary to filter all that amazing information on the internet which makes your website relevant and found by potential customers. In talking with local Philadelphia area businesses who have tried SEO, they shared with me that one of their biggest challenges has been Return on Investment (ROI.) Even having run SEO campaigns, they report that they did not see the tangible benefit, or the dollar signs to support the reports they received. This shows that there had to be a better way to use SEO and to show a solid ROI.  I think it is vital to not only learn about SEO but more over the expectation of outcome in a standard SEO campaign vs. a specialized SEO campaign.

Attracting Customers

Attracting customers to your website is one of the most valuable pipelines for your business success. Why build a website that is not found on page one or two of a search query? Will potential customers take time to search for your business after page 5? Your business depends on being found quickly while satisfying search parameters. Proper SEO techniques are what get your business the attention it requires.

Basic SEO Techniques
Standard and basic SEO techniques include having strong links on your page. These links should only add value to your keywords and SEO campaign. No broken links allowed. In other word, if you click a link on your website and it gives you an error code or takes you to an unrelated page, there will be a problem with SEO.

There is so much to say about your company and there are so many methods to say it. Setting up a great website with solid links is a start. Now you can add exposure by posting on social media or creating blogs. An everything will link right back to your website.

What informational blogs can you post on your site? Take a day or two and come up with a 500 word “talking point” blog or article. Not a sales pitch. No one needs more commercials filling up their day. But a blog that is interesting and catches your customer’s attention can, in turn, lead them to your website. This exposure adds up for SEO. The more you are searched, the more links that are accessed and the more attention-grabbing content, the higher your rankings.

However, SEO is always changing. You must stay on top of your site and give any campaign time to take hold. Sometimes strategies must change periodically to produce continuous positive outcomes.

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Content, content & more relevant content is essential to a productive SEO campaign. Have you ever been in a conversation where you asked a question and you didn’t get an answer? Or you ask a simple question and you end up learned more about a topic then you wanted? You need to find that balance and create the perfect amount of information. Describe your businesses clearly, concisely and in an attention-grabbing format, especially on the home page. What “keywords and phrases” best describe your company? Now make sure you include these in your description.

Specialized SEO Campaigns

Some companies offer SEO campaigns. However, MetaSense Marketing is the only company to offer iMetaDex™ and it’s how we stay ahead of the SEO pack.

iMetaDex™ is our proprietary coding process and is patent pending. We saw the potential in SEO and saw that it could be done so much better.  That’s when our CEO designed and developed iMetaDex™. The iMetaDex™ is what makes MetaSense Marketing’s SEO campaigns run stronger on the backend for all our clients. Our results are track able and impressive.

Return on Investment (ROI)
MetaSense Marketing’s exclusive tool and industry professionals are able to show substantial increased ROI. Once you get more visibility, sessions, ranking, strong content and backlinks, your company will have a larger audience to pitch that next best product, to provide that excellent service or turn those views into dollars. ROI reports will show that you have the audience.You can then convert them into loyal customers.
SEO, done correctly, is valuable and measurable for a successful business. There are many types of SEO packages out there. They are not all created equal or priced the same. Remember, “If it sounds too good to be true…”
MetaSense Marketing looks at your company and current marketing efforts and we know how to optimize it all.
Is there a marketing area that may need some attention?
We really do look for ways to provide the help our clients need in order to reach their goals and to succeed. MetaSense Marketing can help in all the areas listed above.

And a consultation to begin the conversation costs nothing.

MetaSense Marketing is here for that very that very purpose….

To answer your questions and make you successful.
At MetaSense Marketing, we help our customers build effective Digital Marketing Campaigns that make it easier for people to do more business with them.
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