Responsive and Adaptive Web Design: What’s the Difference? Which is Better?

Responsive and Adaptive Web Design: What’s the Difference? Which is Better?

Social media sites and blogs now reach over 80% of Internet users and account for over 33% of all time spent online. However, the type of web design that those sites sport can determine how well they perform with users.

Two Strategies

Two of the most prominent web design strategies include responsive web design and adaptive web design. Despite their prominence, it can be difficult to determine the differences, and which may be best for your Digital Marketing strategy. Here is a little bit more information to help you determine which of these strategies could work best for you.

Responsive Web Design

A responsive web design company is one that creates websites that can stretch and rearrange themselves based on the width of the browser rendering the site. In the past, websites could determine whether a user was on a PC or a smartphone and bring up the corresponding website. Responsive designs are a result of devices like tablets coming onto the market, where a design somewhere between PC and mobile is needed.

Adaptive Web Design

Adaptive web design puts together the concepts of responsive design and a process called progressive enhancement. Progressive enhancement simply involves selectively adding in components on a website based on the user’s capabilities. Combined with the functions of responsive web design, an adaptive design is created. This design allows things like multi-touch, geo-location, and native smartphone integration to be put into a website’s design and for the best user experience to be created.

Things to Take into Consideration

Despite the merits of each of these web design services, there are a few things you should take into consideration before you pick one over the other. Responsive web design can suffer in the speed department, and often requires more in the area of coding to ensure that the site fits every medium through which it’s accessed. However, the adaptive design requires more focus on sitewide functionality, which also means more attention to detail.

In the end, the deciding factor is what type of work you’re willing to put into your website. However, the more information you have about each type of web design, the better off you’ll be deciding one way or the other.

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