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No Social Media Strategy

Do you have a social media strategy to go with your marketing strategy?
Do you understand how social media needs to fit into your overall marketing strategy?
Do you have an effective plan to take advantage of your social media andits part in driving your marketing strategy?

Is it:

Or a combination.

How are you integrating social media in your digital marketing plan, to work the best for you and your organization?
According to a recent survey of CMO’s – social media ranks at the top of the stack for digital marketing efforts going forward.
If I ask you which platform(s) you are using and how you are using them, what would your answer be?

Are you using Facebook?

Although only a few years ago it might have seemed strange to use this for business, today it is a major player with over 2 billion users and the ability to get down to unbelievable detail on who you are going after. Yes, some people say they don’t use it, but with 2 billion on, I am going for it when it comes to digital marketing.

Are you on LinkedIn?

Not sure it is not where your users are?
Do you know understand the best way today to get attention on this tool today?
Should you get a premium version or is the free version good enough.

Snapchat – what do you know about this tool? How could in interface with your digital marketing plan?

Instagram – do you understand the impact of having a business account verse having a personal account?

Twitter – still around, should you be on this product? What effect does it have on digital marketing?

Pinterest – an amazing tool. Do you know if your audience might just be on this product?

How are you using each of these tools?
Why are you using the one’s you are using?
How effective are they?
What is your strategy going forward with the tools?
What are your expectations?

If you are not using social media as part of your digital marketing strategy, or if you are not using it as effectively as you could be – then perhaps we should talk?

You can set up a quick 15-minute call, on a date and at a time that work best for you.
Just click this link.

How important is social media and using it to the maximum?
As you can see, it is going to be extremely important.
If you are not comfortable or you do not have the experience and expertise – then get some help? It will totally pay for itself going forward.

Get started today – reach out and talk with us and see how we can help you with this and how we can help you integrate social media into your entire digital marketing process.

But whatever you do, get started today.
Hesitation and procrastination will hold you back.
Social media is a key tool in the world of digital marketing.
Let us help you get your strategy built and executing the best way possible.

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