Digital and Non-Digital Marketing

Digital and Non-Digital Marketing

How do the digital and non-digital pieces of marketing fit into your overall marketing strategy?
We have been talking about Digital Marketing strategy for a little while now and the question I have for you is simply this: How do the non-digital pieces mesh into the digital world and how does it all work together?

Do you know how?
Do you understand?
Most companies are still and will continue to use many non-digital pieces in their marketing approach. But these mustfit in with what you are doing from a digital standpoint.
If they exist as islands, then you run a big risk of never building a marketing process that excels and builds your company’s top line.

You may have a billboard – but where does it take the user?
You may have a sign – but again, where does it take the user.
To a landing page, to a website or nowhere?
Second you may be doing advertising in other media than digital.
How does that fit into your process?
Where does it fit in?
How is it most effective?

Third you could do things like direct mail, signs or even flyers.

All these things need to be considered when developing your Digital Marketing strategy.
Many times, people in the digital world will say things like, “you need a website, you need Facebook advertising, you need email marketing, and on and on.

Yet they do not understand how this all fits together.
Until they and you understand the whole and how each piece effects the others, your marketing strategy will not be maximized.
Once again, I must emphasis that you have to have a strategy to be effective in the world of Digital Marketing.
Make sure you take time to develop your Digital Marketing strategy.
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