Does SEO Still Matter to Content Marketing When Google Takes Clicks?

Does SEO Still Matter to Content Marketing When Google Takes Your Clicks?

Explore the impact of Google’s search features on SEO and learn if optimizing your content still matters. Discover strategies to adapt and succeed in the evolving digital landscape.

Searchers can find answers on Google without clicking through to content pages. For that reason, its search engine results pages seem full of no-click answers.

In the meantime, content marketers work hard to increase their rankings on search engine results pages so searchers will click on their content.

Should content marketers invest time and effort in SEO, given these seemingly opposing goals?

Content Marketing World’s presenters unanimously voted YES. There were a few more who gave lukewarm affirmations. Content marketing strategy still needs SEO – and how to adjust your approach in this instant-answer world. Read this blog to know more.

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How Does SEO Content Work?

A breakdown of SEO content can help marketers better understand what it means:

  • A website’s SEO aims to optimize it so that people can find it easily via search engines like Google through search engine optimization.
  • “Content” refers to any information available on the web for consumption (we explain the various types of content below).

As a result, SEO content is any content created to attract traffic from search engines.

There’s another guide to optimizing your content for search engines so that we won’t go over that here. To help you with your SEO efforts, here’s a quick recap:

  • To generate traffic from a search, you should conduct keyword research before you begin writing. Using this technique, you can target keywords for which there is already a certain amount of search volume – or, in other words, write about topics (or keyword niches!) for which people are already searching.
  • Using keywords effectively in your content is essential for maximum search engine visibility.
  • A logical organization of your content is essential. It is good for SEO and makes it easier for visitors to find related content on your site.
  • Enhance visibility of new content you create by sharing it on social networks and building links (internally and externally).

HOW SEO Still Matter to Content Marketing When Google Takes Your Clicks?

HOW SEO Still Matter to Content Marketing When Google Takes Your Clicks?

Metadata can help you attract attention.

Your content can still get attention on the SERP even if most searches don’t result in a click. In this case, metadata is of utmost importance. You should ensure that people get the results they want on Google. Give people a reason to click through and learn more by answering their questions directly in your meta descriptions.

Be innovative and niche-oriented

It is becoming easier for Google to incorporate user language into its platform. Moreover, people are constantly learning new things. Having niche traffic is a plus since you can still rank pretty well even if you don’t have a lot of traffic.

Recognize the intention

Responses that require a simple answer or an answer based on SERP features are unique queries and should be considered during content marketing efforts. Understanding how SERPs work and where you succeed and fail is essential. Understand how SERP features such as Answers, and People Also Ask impact search results. With SEO, it’s not just about ten blue links anymore; it’s about understanding the potential.

Put your attention on the other half

Google’s search engine aims to keep users on it for as long as possible. Most searches end in zero clicks, but about half of searchers click organic search results for deeper information.

Additionally, consumers like to evaluate information and options before making a purchase. To be successful with online research, brands will need to appear in organic search results and Google’s featured content.

Bring in referral traffic and brand awareness.

Owning a featured snippet is excellent for brand awareness, even if it doesn’t drive traffic to your site directly. Your website will also have an easier time ranking for related keywords if you have a top-ranking spot for a keyword. SEO should be an integral part of any marketing campaign since organic traffic is the number one traffic source.

Gain knowledge and win traffic

To dominate the instant answer market, you must optimize and understand the search landscape. SEO is crucial to impact those search results, since many searches don’t result in an immediate answer. It’s still possible to win 75% to 90% of organic clicks even with instant answers, and SEO is the best way to do it. In conclusion, SEO can be a phenomenal tool for gaining insights into your audience, answering their questions, and supporting them along their journeys when done correctly.

Measure the success of the beginning

In the early stages of content marketing, SEO is the best way to assess its success. What kind of content does your website have that attracts visitors? SEO largely contributes to that outcome. A content marketing strategy should be informed by SEO and used to measure early success.

Guides for building industry links

Our link-building guides will help you build authoritative links using proven tactics and best practices. From B2B to SaaS, YMYL to eCommerce to hospitality and travel, there are a variety of options to choose from.

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Keep an ear out

If you try to rank on Google’s instant answers, it might seem impossible, but how does Google create its instant answers?

The original content was written by someone who was talented. The next best content – which may be yours – will be found if you don’t provide the answers in the extract.

A lot is coming up for audio SEO. You’ll miss out big time when audio content becomes available (and you don’t have a way to make it text-searchable for now).

Take a long-term view

Your blog posts, videos, podcasts, and even long-form social posts are business assets that will last for years to come. You will never go out of style if you know what keywords to rank for and use.

People’s choices should be respected

When people are looking for answers, Google is still their first choice. Your marketing isn’t working optimally if you aren’t optimizing your website and even some social content to be an answer for consumers.

Despite the fact that consumers are actively searching for answers or solutions, search remains your top priority. In order to find those who might want one, you have to work ten times harder everywhere.

Prospects are where you need to be

It is estimated that 50 to 60% of B2B buyers conduct their research online before speaking with a salesperson. To ensure that your brand message is delivered when people actively seek information to solve their problems, you must invest in SEO.

Deliver on your target audience’s expectations

One-sentence snippets aren’t helpful in B2B, especially. We can be there for people when they want more content. As long as SEO is used effectively, content can capture as much demand as possible during the search/research process.

Be aware of the behavior of your audience

Researchers have found that B2B technical buyers are more likely to go 10 pages deep than stop at page one when researching products. For simple topics, instant answers can be helpful, but if the stakes are high or the search topic is complicated, skeptical buyers will spend time researching the most accurate results.

The traffic of better quality is appreciated

In addition to instant answers, Google remains primarily a research hub for so many people. Answering questions in detail, educating, explaining, providing entertainment, and more drives more search volume from those actively looking for more information. You might actually get even more value from organic search traffic if you offer instant answers.

Don’t limit yourself to soundbites

Search engine optimization is one of the most important parts of content creation and will always be necessary for content marketing. The featured content soundbite won’t work for some simple queries, but if you write in-depth content that makes sense to your audience, they will click through to learn more.

Search beyond the search results

There is still a need for SEO, but it matters less now. Referrals have a greater influence than SERPs. People often refer content to others by sharing it on social media, leaving comments, or recommending it. There are more ads, Wikipedia entries, tales, videos, books, and even podcasts on Google’s first page related to your search topic than ever before, making it harder to rank on the first page.

What is the importance of content for SEO?

What is the importance of content for SEO?

What is the answer? The visibility of your content improves drastically when it is optimized.

You will just be one of the millions of articles published on the web every day without visibility and exposure.

  • It is not visible to anyone.
  • No one shares it.
  • There is no action taken on it.

Knowing what to do makes it easy to get seen. You can boost Google’s visibility by writing unique, optimized meta descriptions for each page on your site.


Consistently creating optimized content is essential if you want visibility and exposure. Give this hard work to us. We at MetaSense Marketing are an SEO agency based in New Jersey/Philadelphia, which takes the time to understand your business and create a complete business plan to accomplish your objectives. By working in partnership, we can help you accelerate your online growth and increase your return on investment in digital marketing. We help businesses create their online marketing journeys and fulfill their needs and demands. For more information connect with MetaSense Marketing.

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