Work Smarter with Digital Marketing/E-Commerce

Work Smarter with Digital Marketing/E-Commerce

The term “Work Smarter, Not Harder” is a term that can be applied to almost anything. In this case,Digital Marketing for E-Commerce is the smarter option and brick n’ mortar location marketing is the harder. Our first step should be to explain them both. Then we can get into why Digital Marketing for E-Commerce is the smarter choice. Of course, it goes without saying, any company that has a large enough budget should still incorporate both.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing encompasses everything that happens online from logo design to the most in depth PPC campaigns, website development, social media campaigns and mobile apps. It also includes setting up an E-Commerce Store. Basically, anything that happens online includes Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing is now the most dominate force in the whole marketing spectrum!

Brick and Mortar Location Marketing

A good way to explain Brick and Mortar Marketing is that it’s something like setting up a local corner store. Everything from their stock and sign in front of the store to the shelves and physical building, fits into brick and mortar. It’s everything physical in the world of physically presenting and marketing products and it is slowly becoming obsolete.

Why Digital Marketing Is A Smarter Choice Then Brick and Mortar

1. Cost – In comparison, Digital Marketing for E-Commerce is far less expensive than Brick and Mortar Location Marketing. For example, most websites, even on the premium end, cost $5,000 or less. Most physical retail locations cost a minimum of $10,000 dollars. And that’s just for the basic setup. This cost does not include product, stocking shelves and paying for staff to run that location. It also does not include using any other marketing options.

2. Trust – Having a physical store and staff requires a certain amount of trust that your staff will represent, run, and maintain your store up to your standards. When you run an E-Commerce Store on your Website, you have complete control over what happens in that space and you will never have any question of where your money is spent or if your brand is being represented correctly.

3. Metrics – Unless you hire someone strictly to ask everyone that comes through the door a set of question to get information on your demographic, you will always be guessing as to what target audience is coming through your door of your physical location. With a Digital Marketing everything is measurable and comes with metrics. Valuable insights about who visits your site, what they purchase and their interest are constantly available and can be used to improve your entire business.

4. Advertising – Brick and Mortar and advertising using Digital Marketing are relatively similar in pricing. But there is a dramatic difference in targeting customers, performance and ability to measure results. Once again it goes back to Metrics. Most physical forms of advertising such as billboards, print and broadcast advertising have no measurable data and the data it does have is educated guessing at best. Let’s take a billboard for example. Yes, you can measure the traffic that will pass it in a month. But you can’t measure how many of those people in each car actually read your billboard advertisement and even if they are your target market. Whereas, if we took a Digital Marketing, Google Ad Words advertisement, you could actually narrow the field of audience you target by location, age, interest and any demographic you choose. You can also measure the whole campaign’s performance with in-depth detail and make more educated decision with your marketing efforts. You can use targeted email lists and build social media campaigns that speak directly to your customers.

5. Automation – There is a way to automate your accounting and some of the processes that happen in Brick and Mortar if you have a large enough budget for the hardware and programs. Digital Marketing, on the other hand, has many tools and programs to automate most everything. This can include sending scheduled e-mails that can be programmed to be sent exactly when you want to send them or updating your feeds on a daily basis to all your social platforms. You can monitor stock, popular item restock and even determine what new items to order based on customer feedback.


I think that by now you can agree that if you want to have a streamlined business or if you want to maximize every dime of your budget, the choice to whether to go with Digital Marketing/E-Commerce or Brick and Mortar Location Marketing is simple. Digital Marketing is clearly the smarter choice for your budget and brand’s growth. But either way you decide to go, I wish you and your company much success and longevity.


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