Want to get verified on YouTube?

Want to get verified on YouTube?

Youtube is a populated platform. More and more content is being pumped out every minute, in bite, short and long video format. According to a new report, 300 hours of content is being published on youtube every single minute. It is madness, pushing out content that might get lost the minute it does get out and brands want their content to stick around for longer than that. Better the reach, more the views, better the sales, more the revenue.

Verification badge by youtube is one such tool that is just the thing to help your company with getting your content out there. If you want to get verified on youtube, here are a few tried and tested ways of getting verified on youtube. Now, do not confuse getting your account verified with the verification badge.

Verifying an account is the simple process of giving Google your phone number/ other identifying captcha and confirming that the person posting content IS really you and not a bot or a spammer. The verification badge is a small grey checkmark right next to your channel name.

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1. Verify your Google account

As discussed above, there is a difference between the two; verifying your account and the verification badge. This part of the process is essential, if not the most important. Hypothetically, If at any point, your content were to blow up, it is important that your channel is verified by Google at that point or it is really hard to trust the reliability of the source of information you are putting out.

2. Ask your viewers to subscribe

Ask your viewers to subscribe

Simple but effective, having viewers view your content is simply not enough today. To produce consistent results in creating your viewership base and having YouTube recognize you as a consistently high-quality content poster with a large target audience, you must ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel, subtly when they are viewing your video. The more the subscribers, the more it creates the vibe of authenticity and makes way for a verification badge.

3. End your video by teasing what you’re working on next

This strategy is the most useful when you already have one/ a few videos already creating a buzz in the market for you. If YouTube content creation is the way to go for you or your brand to spread brand awareness and marketing, start putting out little teasers at the end of the content asking viewers to keep an eye out for all the exciting new things you are doing! It creates a bigger buzz and attracts a lot more people. It brings you one step closer to getting the verification badge.

4. Interact with your audience and build community

This is a little challenging when trying to build a loyal viewership base. Interaction with a YouTube community can involve meet and greets, YouTube festivals, organizing giveaways, or in the least, replying to the comments from viewers in the comment section. It is a great opportunity for your viewers to see who you really are behind posting all your brand-related content. It helps YouTube confirm your authenticity and helps in getting the verification badge when you apply for it.

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5. Eligibility

Since the October of 2019, YouTube has published a small checklist on the eligibility to apply for the verification badge. The first is to have at least 100k subscribers, the second is to have real and authentic content and the third is to have a complete profile on your YouTube channel, i.e., channel icon, description, public videos, and a channel that is active. We will discuss all three in detail further into the blog.

6. Create effective channel branding

Channel branding could be anything under the sun from link sharing to gift-giving, featuring on blogs to purchasing views, channel branding means breathing life into the content. A brand is a conscious version of the content you put out, a name you will get associated with. Channel branding is an opportunity for you to put forth all the unique selling points of your channel instantly. The moment someone clicks and views your channel/videos, they know what you are all about and what you represent. It is clear and representative of the message you want to give.

7. Channel icon and banner art

Your channel icon is what you will be remembered by. It is your channel icon that has the highest visibility on any platform, i.e. it is seen on more than any other thing displayed on your channel. Your YouTube profile picture is also known as your “channel icon” or “YouTube avatar.” It’s the small image that will appear next to your channel’s name on your videos. When you comment, it is the icon that appears before your comment.

A channel banner is a long facebook cover banner on your channel that allows you to display a picture that stretches across the length of your channel. Most creators would like to create an interesting banner reflecting the activity/motto of the brand they are creating as it is a significant part of your channel. Improving the resolution, color, and quality of the banner is important in attracting viewers.

8. Channel description

Channel description is an important feature to describe in detail what your YouTube channel is. The type of content you will be creating, what your goal is for your viewers. The description of your content is the deciding factor for the youtube algorithm to place you in a certain category of video. there are also two different types of descriptions one being the overall description of the channel and the second, being the description of every single video that you will plug.

Description of the overall channel is more important as it is the first thing the viewer is going to see when they click on your channel right beneath your channel icon. Having a channel description helps YouTube place and verification badge on your channel if you use the right words and express your original ideas.

9. Use YouTube’s clickable subscription tools in your videos

Use YouTube’s clickable subscription tools in your videos

This tool helps you generate more traffic for your videos. It is essentially the next logical step after you establish a viewership, or need the push to send your viewers from one piece of content to the other to laterally spread the number of views across videos. Clickable subscription tools are those links that will give the audience this push in the right direction.

You can link other videos of your own channel as discussed above, link videos from associate channels with the right copyright permissions, attach crowdfunding and e-commerce websites. This will generate greater traffic.

Getting a verification badge is not an easy task. Getting verified on youtube is a great challenge and can be hard to maintain. But the goal is to get a verification badge that has additional perks like monetization, creation of a real brand, offering content and services to customers. It is a slow process that involves building viewers, getting subscribers, and doing all things aesthetic to the channel. If all that goes well, getting verified on youtube is a successful and financially sane investment.

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