How to Become a Successful YouTuber?

How to Become a Successful YouTuber?

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. New content gets pushed out every other minute and has amassed over 300 million hours worth of content since its existence. Where once posting a video and getting views was easy, it has become increasingly challenging to create a viewership base, having them subscribe, follow through with all the content you put out and have them like and interact with it.

Our job is to get to the audience as quickly as possible, in as little time required with little to no effort required in manual navigation. This is the type of quick and condensed process that goes around in today’s world.

But there do exist a few surefire ways of getting this task done. A successful youtuber is like a celebrity in his own rights. Here are a few ways of getting famous on YouTube. The following section of the blog might not be an exhaustive list of tips on becoming a successful youtuber.

1. Create a roadmap

One of the first steps on becoming a successful youtuber is creating a roadmap on what you want from your YouTube journey and how you will get there. It includes a timeline of all the content you will be posting, a brief overview of the content you will be posting, who will be a part of this content, making arrangements for whatever goes behind the scenes. Include strategies to reach each milestone, possible problems, recommended solutions and best practices.

2. Research, research and more research

A key tip in becoming a famous and successful youtuber is researching the type of content you will be posting. Research that you are posting up to date content, credit if you are citing, quoting, using someone else’s work, creating successful videos also involve quite a few permission and copyrights. Research your keywords. Keywords are the words your target audience is going to type in to search your type of content. For example, if you run an automobile service place, you want to include keywords like oil change near me or fix tail light type of words, given these are some of the most popular keywords in the field and needed the most.

As soon as the target audience types in the keyword, depending on your content, keyword percentage (SEO ranking), your video is the one that will pop up on their search engine web page. Create a feedback loop, to know how well your videos are doing. Take constructive criticism from the comments. Check if you are getting your desired views and research some more on how you can increase your views.

3. Define the metrics of success

Define the metrics of success

Define what success means to you in your personalized context/business. If you are endorsing a product and views are the only thing you need to reach a viewership milestone, collect how many and how fast are you getting views. Compare if your competitors in the same/similar fields are also getting a similar number of views.

Define your success based on the engagement you get when you post your content. Let’s take the same example as in the last point, you run an automobile service place and you post your content on youtube about your facility. Now, creating a viewership is not the only milestone to define success but also that your target audience clicks through the links on your video to your actual website to have a look at all the services that you have to offer. So clicking through those links called conversion rate and interacting with your content becomes a defining successful milestone for a successful youtube video.

Another type of defining success metrics can be defined through deeper engagement and interaction about your business. Doing a Q&A, having your target audience ask you questions about your business, answering questions in the comment section, doing giveaways to increase interaction etc are also ways of defining the success of a youtube video.

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4. Choose your audience

This step in becoming a successful youtuber rely not only on the what you do, but choosing the correct audience to do so with. If you run a make up store, and you are creating content for it, your obvious target audience are women. To filter it down more and to be more specific, depending on the type of product, you target a different age group/race. Anti aging creams have utility for a certain age group vs curly hair method products have more utility for a certain type of race than the others. Targeting the right audience through search audience solutions can help you increase engagement and viewership. You can check out our blog on search audience solutions here.

5. Create authentic content

Any website you go to, the answer to how to become a successful youtuber, the most common and obvious answer is to create authentic content. There is no way out of it. Honest, creative and original content tends to go viral more often than not. Circling back to point numero 2, research the lengths and breadths of your content/ area of business, research on what content your target audience responds to, in the form of- views, conversion and engagement

Use the takeaways from feedback loop and comments. Gradually increase the investment of time, money and equipment for the content you create. Invite familiar faces from the area of your industry and have them associate their face to your brand/name/business.

6. Use available free/paid tools by YouTube

Use available free/paid tools by YouTube

YouTube as a platform creates space and provides tools for creators to make use of them and become successful youtubers. Clickable link videos are one such tool that helps push the audience in the right direction. There are various other tools like featured in videos, attaching other content related videos of your own in the description of other videos, attaching videos from associating channels with permissions, crowdfunding link and your own website etc.

There are other tools and agencies that help you create more viral content and help you buy more subscribers. But if you are eventually looking for conversions and purchase and brand interaction, your buy-out views and subscribers will not convert into a loyal customer base.

7. Interact with and invest in the right users

This is a slightly more advanced tip on becoming a famous youtuber, where we recommend that once you start earning views and eventually monetization on your content, you interact with the correct audience. Grab the active, popular influencers who can advertise for you and do the work for you.

These are your high value users, interact with them, keep them in the loop of your business. They will bring in more people than you single handedly can. Disperse your brand/business amongst a bunch of people and you now have multiple sources from where viewership is pouring in.

These were our expert tips on becoming a famous youtuber and having a successful youtube career. Please also check out our blog on how to get the verification badge on youtube right here. Starting your youtube journey can be intimidating but if we take all the right steps, especially minding the SEO and all that that comes with it, like keywords and pay per clicks, it can turn into a good money making venture. Good luck for your journey!

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