The Marketing Advantage for You

The Marketing Advantage for You

In the endless ocean of SEO and Digital Marketing providers, your choices can be overwhelming.
Who do you use to help you and your business?
The answer is simple:
Just ask this question – What makes this Digital Marketing company better than the rest?
For MetaSense Marketing it is our patent-pending product:
MetaSense Marketing brings its proprietary cutting edge iMetaDex™ coding to the SEO process and combines it with creative and engaging content relevant to your industry.
MetaSense Marketing then builds strong authoritative backlinks to your site.
Our Three-Channel Approach organically strengthens itself and creates a powerful SEO service that none can match.
In pure marketing terms what does that mean to you?
More leads.
More people to your site.
More business opportunities
More dollars into your company.


Doesn’t everyone do this?
iMetaDex™, patent-pending, was developed by MetaSense Marketing’s founder and CEO Dr. Jatin Mehta
It is what separates MetaSense Marketing from the rest of the SEO provider world.
But more important than that – it is what will help your business to grow and your SEO/PPC program to bring in more dollars.
So, you might ask the question:
At its most basic it is the coding, added to a website, that helps search engines index a site faster and displays the listing more effectively.
In a world where people have little patience, this is extremely important.
It is like the library card catalog for the internet.
To go a little bit deeper, it’s markup language that we integrate into your website and then is vetted by a third-party organization to comply with all major search engines.
The result:


You are the one people find!
But why do I need this?
Don’t they all work this way?
By using the iMetaDex™ Solutions you get more traffic to your site.
You immediately improve your website’s optimization.
You get indexed quicker and easier by Google, Bing, Yahoo, and quite a few more.
Going beyond that, you also have more control over your search results.
Simply said, you get more of the right results.
Getting traffic is important:


Getting the right traffic is critical to your growth!
By using this code, you are shaping the information your listings display, giving the search engines specific instructions as to what your content is and how it should be indexed.


Only MetaSense Marketing has iMetaDex™
The great thing is you don’t need to remember any of this, just click below and set up a 15-minute call with us so you can learn more about how this can help you and your marketing process.
No obligation.
Just click here, select a date and time for the call that works for you, and then let’s talk.
If you are looking for Digital Marketing results – look no further, MetaSense Marketing is here for you.


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866-875-META (6382)

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