Billboards or Digital Marketing – Which Is the Best Solution for You?

Billboards or Digital Marketing – Which Is the Best Solution for You?

When we drive around,we see these great billboards and get excited.But many of us never seem to get around to taking action.
Well, I meant to, but forgot all about it?
I meant to, but could not remember the name or number on the board?
I meant to, but then thought about it and figured it would cost too much.
The cost of any advertising is based on ROI and the ability to measure it.
The cost of billboards can be very high, depending on the location.
Mostly they run from $1,500 – $14,000 a month depending on location.
Yes, they are seen by many people.But how do you track the real effectiveness of them?

How do you know if your call came from someone who saw the board?
How do you know what and how many people saw it?
How do you justify your investment if you really cannot measure it?
Many people will tell you billboards are more for large companies looking to do brand recognition.

Digital Marketing
If we split the difference and look at spending $3000-$5000 a month, let’s see what you can get with Digital Marketing.
1. First you can get a strategic plan for your marketing process built as part of the plan. This would include the strategic and the tactical plan you need to make this happen. This alone can be worth thousands of dollars.
2. You actually know how many people seeyour add.
This is tractable with Digital Marketing.
3. You know how many people clicked on the ad.
Again, with digital marketing this is a trackable event.
4. You get statistics that tell you facts.
Not statistics from the vendor, but from Google.
5. If people want to check you out, they just click on your ad. Everything is right there. They don’t have to remember to do it later.
6. Every month you work with one of our digital strategists. They sit with you and review what is working and what is not working.
They review the numbers with you,and you see the measurements.
You know,at all times, where you stand.
7. Plus, as part of your Digital Marketing program you also get social media ads and posting.
8. As part of the program we build an email marketing process for you as well.
Amazing stuff!
Real Numbers!
Real increase in business!
So, if you are sitting on the fence, it is time you took a real deep look at Digital Marketing.

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