Facebook Marketing: Leveraging the Giant

Facebook Marketing: Leveraging the Giant

Facebook has about 2.37 billion active users as of October 1, 2019. (Source: socialmediatoday.com)
62% of these users log in daily making it the largest social network in the world. Facebook went from being a stranger a little over a decade ago to billions of people using it today.
What a success!!!!!
Which gets us thinking, with this pace of success, will there be anything that will stop it or lower its users? Will it go from billions of active users to millions or even thousands over the next decade? I believe not.
Hence, a pro tip for most businesses or Digital Marketers is to leverage this giant and not ignore it! The real question is:
How do we use Facebook as a marketing tool?
The real answer to the question:
Each of these tools has their own purpose and advantages. In order to use any of these tools, the first step is to identify who your real customers are and narrow your audience based on demographics, location and interest.
Facebook Pages

The first step for businesses, organizations and celebrities is to create their public pages and upload content about their respective businesses and professions. The content can be in the form of posts, pictures and videos. The way to leverage this section is to:

  • Create a page
  • Add your company logo as the profile picture
  • Upload interactive pictures, videos and posts on your page wall
  • Share the page URL to your connections on Facebook, encouraging the audience to like your page
    (Liking the page does not mean they have to follow it too)
When users click on “Like,” they receive updates from the page on their news feed, which means your business has more visibility. Good news is anyone on Facebook can like your page and there is no upper limit on the number fan likes you can have!
Facebook Ads
Any guesses on how Facebook makes its money, considering it is absolutely free for users to create an account? Yes, its through Ads (Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/how-does-facebook-make-money-2010-5). The ads are usually self-service ads (these appear on the right side of your news feed), engagement ads that seek user interaction. The ads you create can be targeted to a specific audience based on age, education, geographic locations, type of device used for browsing. Your audience has complete control in choosing their ads and closing ones they don’t like.
Facebook Groups
Just like you have discussions forums, Facebook Groups offers people with similar interests to engage in conversations and discussions. You can create a group about your service or product and invite potential customers so that they can interact with others who share the same interest for the product or service. Monitoring the groups can be time consuming.But they are free of cost and have high levels of engagement.
Everyone today who has Internet is on Facebook!
It is the most popular social networking tool among all age groups and geographic locations. So, whether you are an established business trying to sell a new product or service, new entrepreneur looking to start your own and practically anyone out there who wants visibility, Facebook is definitely the marketing giant you want to leverage!

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