SEO Cost Justification

SEO Cost Justification

One of the big questions we are asking in the SEO Market is.

“How do I justify the cost?”

How do you justify spending $1000, $3000, $5000 and more a month?
This article is going to run you through a few things you need to consider.

First, let’s look at what you are spending today on marketing.
The amazing thing people find is that they are already spending that much and more on newspapers, magazines, TV, Radio, billboards, and in a dozen other areas.
If you look at what you are spending you might just find that you are already spending $3000 a month and you are not really getting any payback, or you cannot measure it.
Well right there is a great justification for using SEO.

The great thing with SEO!

Your average deal is $1000.
If you are going to spend a $1000 a month to pay for SEO, you have got to have one close a month to cover your SEO cost.
Everything over that is gravy – profit – success.

You might be in a higher volume/lower price industry.
$100 a deal.
So you need 10 deals to cover the cost. But because the price is lower, you get a much high turnaround. Everything over 10 is profit.

Can you realistically believe that by using SEO and getting higher in the search you will do more business?

The great thing is that you can track it all.

You can measure the results.
How many people come to the site.
How many take action.
How many calls.
How many clicks.
How many deals.

All right there, easy to measure.
No more guess work.

I know this may be one of the big questions you are asking.

First, look at what you are already spending on marketing without SEO and what your return is without SEO.

Second, look at the money you need to get back in order to justify the expenditure.
Third look at how many deals you are losing by not using SEO to put your business higherin the search.

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