An Unhappy Customer – The One That Cannot Find Your Offer

An Unhappy Customer – The One That Cannot Find Your Offer

When you do advertising of any kind that sends people to a page, the offer better be on the page you send them to – otherwise they might end up an unhappy customer.
Digital Marketing 101
First, your offer must make sense.
I love dominos. Not the pizza, but those little rectangular blocks made to stack. Love stacking them and making them fall down. Great game my grandson and I play. It is amazing what you can build. Just go on YouTube some time and search for Domino stacking.
Anyway, the other day I see this great offer for 15% off $79 set of 1000 first grade dominos. A super price. Wow! I said. I am in.
Clicked the ad.
The ad takes me to a page where I see everything but the offer I am looking for. I even looked all over the link because the offer was so good. (Perhaps too good to be true?)
How many times has this happened to you?
The landing page does not match the offer.
Or the landing page is a website.
Or worse of all, you get a 404 – page does not exist.
How many potential customers can you lose this way if your Digital Marketing program does this?
Here are 3 tips if you are going to spend the time, effort and energy making offers that people link to. If you want to make your Digital Marketing process work the best way possible.
1. The Landing Page must contain the offer.
When I click the link, I see what you said I could buy.
I see what you advertised. (good to see the ad on the landing page).
I can buy it right then, very easy, very simply.
Yes, it is OK to upsell or Cross Sell.
But let me make that choice after I see what you advertised.
2. The Landing Page is your website.
This is a very poor process.Yet, it is amazing how many people still do it.
In fact that is what happened with the ad I talked about earlier in this article.
I am interest in what you advertised.
Now let me buy it.
Stop showing me everything else.
Again, some of this is very basic Digital Marketing.
3. Test it – on all platforms you can and all devices.
At a minimum
Windows 10 and 7
A couple different tablets
Again, why spend the money if it doesn’t work?
Hope these 3 tips help you in your Digital Marketing program.
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