Redesign your Website and make a new change to your Existence

If you are the type of person that has had a website for longer than five years and think that it still is a top rate site. This article is for you and your company. You see it doesn’t matter if you sell socks or high end automobiles. A frequent website redesign is a must in internet marketing and SEO. When you get a redesign it’s an opportunity to leave a new stronger first impression that could turn into conversions. With 94% of impressions being design related having a custom user friendly site is a must for any company that wants to make more money. Good first impressions have a Priming effect on the satisfaction of potential clients. Think about it, if a potential customer likes what your website looks like. Chances are they are going to do business with you faster than the cookie cutter website that looks like everyone else’s or is free. A lot of business’s fail into this trap where they go for a free build your own website style. Not realizing they are saving at that present time but they will not make more money from a cookie cutter website or an outdated one. A website is similar to a car you must change they oil or in this case update your site yearly ideally every six months. Your site must be optimized properly this is a very important part of your redesign needs. When your site upload time is fast it speaks for itself. Another study actually said that 75% percent of potential customers judge a business’s credibility by their website design and overall user friendliness of your website.

We at MetaSense have even noticed a difference in a websites performance do to the colors used in a website theme. Let’s call it the Color Effect. In websites with darker themes they generate more traffic by 2% then a lighter colored theme. Darker themes get a 44.4% bounce rate while Lighter colored themes get 46.2% bounce rate. With darker colors people stay longer on the sites by 3.18%. Dark colors have helped business grow by 2% where as lighter colored websites have seen growth of 1.3 percent. None of this is concrete but it’s an interesting thing to think about when pick your colors to use as a theme for your business.

Now let’s look at the importance of a strong website layout. To go back a little to what was earlier mentioned not every layout works for every business. Your site’s Layout strongly depends on the field of expertise or product your company has to offer. Here is some important layout percentages for you to keep in mind while giving your web design company the info on how you would like your site to look and function. User like seeing capitol letters the proper use of this can almost double how much time they spend on your site. When it comes to product list’s user’s will look at and read a bulleted list longer then they would a none bulleted list by 70%. User’s scan a website with their eyes moving in the shape of a capitol F. So nine times out of ten you want to have your sidebar on the left side. So your pages and most pushed product’s will be exposed first. Other interesting things about the science of layouts are that 63% of fortune 500 websites put content above their fold. 50% have a scrolling content window and more than 80% use high quality images. So once again I’m going to say this if you are using a free website theme or a website deal that is cheap but your site looks the same as everyone else stop it, and contact a real web design company like us at MetaSense.

Let’s talk website speed, one of the most over looked and underrated things to do with Redesign and performance. Did you know it takes on an average ten seconds to leave an impression and tell potential clients what you’re about. With the rite layout they can see what you’re selling instantly but for them to choose your company it takes on average ten seconds. Load time is always vital and will never stop being vital to any website redesign. 40% of potential clients using a computer leave if your site doesn’t load in less than three seconds. 64% of potential clients using smart phones leave if your site doesn’t load in less than four seconds. For E-Commerce site’s 87% of customers leave if there is a more then 2 second delay in the transaction. Sales being lost from slow shopping cart performance made up for three Billion Dollar’s.

So to get to the statement of, redesigning your website and making a change to your existence is true? If your website isn’t making you money you must do a redesign. It’s the only thing that makes sense. Don’t use a free company or a cheap company. Remember you get what you pay for. So if you pay almost nothing don’t be surprised if you get almost nothing. Find a professional company, get a quality Redesign and Watch your company grow.

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