Unverified vs Verified Phone Numbers

Unverified vs Verified Phone Numbers

This is a very common problem with Google Ads Call, the only campaign setting. Google is now changing its ad serving algorithms and structure very quickly. We also need to be up to date with this to avoid such problems. If you’ve reviewed the new call-only campaigns in Google Ads , you’ve probably noticed that the phone number confirms that the phone number is related to the advertising company. Google has announced that verification will also be introduced on all phone numbers for location and call extensions starting in June 2015. Google introduced new call-only campaigns in AdWords. Now there is a phone confirmation to show that the phone number is related to the advertising company.

Google has announced that confirmation will be introduced for all phone numbers with location and call extensions starting in June 2015. If your phone numbers have not yet been approved, they will appear as Unconfirmed or Unconfirmed phone numbers on the Ad extensions tab.What “verified” and “unverified” phone numbers mean for your business! As a business, you strive to always be verified on all available platforms. Printing a verified account sheet is instant credibility. In the eyes of the average consumer. Verification also plays a role in search rankings. Verified accounts or information can also increase click-through rate by more than 60%. While an unconfirmed account or information can have an adverse effect on your business. It can make them look unprofessional and unreliable.

Three ways to verify your phone number. Add your AdWords conversion code snippet to your ad landing page. Link your Google AdWords and Webmaster Tools accounts to your specified number. Use the phone number at the extension listed on the website. Make sure it is in text format, not JPG or PNG format. If your phone numbers are not verified, as of June 2015. Your ads are being rejected. It is in your best interest to verify all of your information whenever possible. But focusing on their phone numbers first is a good starting point. Never underestimate the little things. If you are using a third party system and you panic and wonder “What should I do?” The first thing to do is contact this third-party system provider and ask if they can verify your phone numbers. In case they say they can’t or can’t. Don’t lose your head! This is what you can do. Link your Google AdWords and Webmaster Tools accounts to your specified number.

Add your AdWords conversion code snippet to your ad landing page. Ads without verified phone numbers will be rejected. Call Announcement Requirements Google provides translated versions of our Help, but they do not intend to change the content of our guidelines. The English version is the official language we use to enforce our policies. To view this article in a different language, use the language drop-down menu at the bottom of the page. Call ads are text ads that contain a phone number and are designed to encourage calls rather than clicks. They only appear on mobile phones. Call ads are subject to standard Google Ads policies and requirements listed below.

Company name requirements for call announcements The following are not allowed:A false company name or a company name that does not clearly reflect the advertised company or is not unique to similar companies Advertising language in the company name field Examples: “Acme buy shoes” or “Sold at Acme Home Services” Given the wide variety of company names, note the following: Domain-based company names – You can use your domain name as your company name using the appropriate space between. For example, www.acmesolutions.com in the advertisement will be identified as “Acme Solutions”.

Authorized Resellers and Distributors: If you are an authorized reseller or distributor of a product or service, use the appropriate qualification language. For example, an Acme vehicle dealership in San Antonio might use the company name “Acme of San Antonio.” Include company name in phone calls The following applies to all call announcements: Not allowed when answering calls from users who clicked on your call announcement, advertisers must start the call with the name of your company as it appears in your call announcements.

Learn how to correct a rejected ad or extension. The most common and easiest way to solve your problems is to list your business on Google My Business and verify the same number that is used in your ad settings. After your business is listed on one of the most useful Google platforms, Google My Business Now ads will be approved. Remember not to remove the digit 0 if there is a Google My Business listing. The number must have the same format.

Google Analytics setup a website to verify cell phone numbers. Another way to approve your ads is to verify your number using the Google Analytics code and the tracking feature with the website. You must use the same Gmail ID that was used to set up Google Ads and also remember to use the same mobile number in your Gmail ID or not have the same mobile number and then update the Gmail email account with the same mobile number. Generate tracking ID and code and embed it into your website. Remember: your contact page must have the same mobile number. Sign in to your Merchant Center account. and then on the Tools menu, click Company Information. On the Phone Number card, add a valid phone number and click Confirm. Select a method to receive a verification code (either a voice call or a text message).


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