Social Media and Its Role In Health Care

Social Media has become a strong avenue for marketing in all verticals especially the Health Care field. Social Media like Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter are now playing huge roles in patient and community engagement enhancement. These statistics should show that the Health Care industry is getting more and more transparent due to social media.

  1. Accordint to MedicalBillersandCoders 60% of Health Care providers think social media can enhance the quality of patient care they can provide.
  2. According to EMR thoughts two thirds of Health Care providers are using or have used social media professionally.
  3. According to EMR thoughts these same Health Care providers prefer open forum sites to physician’s only networks and communities.
  4. According to a survey from Mashable 22% of parents seek medical and dental answers through Facebook and 20% search on Youtube.
  5. According to MedTech 31% of Health Care providers use social media to do professional networking.

What Can We Learn From These Stats?
First thing that i think is transparent is that physical forms of obtaining info is almost dead. It also seems that more and more Health Care providers are turning to online forms of marketing such as social media. Social media platforms are a highly performing avenue of obtaining their perfect Patient. Since two thirds of consumers search online for all most all their needs medical and otherwise. It is important for any practice that is trying to thrive to implement (SMM) Social Media Marketing. Last but not least parents are becoming more worried about their children s health. They are seeking Health Care related topics online and Social Media is where they are looking.

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