How To Optimize Your Adwords Campaigns

Google AdWords is now officially one of the most important avenues of online marketing. If you have ever dumped thousands of dollars in Adwords campaigns and seen no response, you probably were not running your campaigns properly. This approach should help you gain the understanding to grow your ROI & grow your brands presence. You also will have a better understanding of what is working and what isn’t working. Optimizing your campaigns can give you a powerful understanding and approach that should give you the step up on your competition.

The steps covered in this approach of optimization

  1. Defining goals
  2. Keywords research
  3. Scrutinizing the audience
  4. Drafting strategies
  5. Setting up geographical location for displaying your Ad online
  6. Generate leads
  7. Increase traffic
  8. A fast way to drive product promotion

Define Your Goals
This should be the first step for any campaign. If you’re saying to yourself I’m no marketer, so what do I do? How do I define my goals? Start slow and focus on what you can understand in your first round of ads. It might be one objective or multiple objectives whether it is upping your click through rate or overall traffic. But don’t focus on things that you need metrics for like wording or geo targeting. If you define your goals then you will have a better understanding of what needs improvement and what’s performing well.

Keyword Research
I’m just going to scratch the surface of keyword research in this article because keyword research can be so in depth that it needs its own article. First identify low performing and just plain weak keywords that might be lurking in your campaign efforts. As soon as you remove these poorly performing keywords from your efforts you will be in the right direction towards saving and making money. If you use search term reports properly they can be a vital part of your keyword research process. Take your new found knowledge and optimize your campaigns with high performing keywords.

Scrutinize your audience
The best way I have seen for scrutinizing your audience is researching competitors. Look at the types of campaigns get them a response. What keywords are they using? What’s the format they use for their ads is it content driven or offer driven? Another good way to scrutinize your audience is to just ask them what they want through the use of polls and creative content.

Drafting Strategies
This is single handedly one of the hardest things you have to do when optimizing your ad campaigns. You have to find a creative way to word your ad so that it provides all the vital information your potential consumer needs to receive. You should use enticing and colorful words in the wording of your ads. If you also include call to action verbs in the wording of your campaigns it should perform well. Put your highest performing keywords in the heading of your ads. Good examples of call to action verbs are “Buy Now, Sign up Today and Call Now”. Like I said this can be hard but once you have a optimized wording for your campaign it should perform much better.

Setting up geographical location for displaying your Ad online
This is a simple process but still vital in the optimization of your ads. You have to have a good understanding of your region or target audience for this. Base your targeted locations off of where your audience of potential clients reside. With this you must go back to competitive research and analytics of your already existing traffic. This will give you a working understanding of where your clients reside.

After your first couple rounds of Ads

Now that you have ran your first couple of rounds of ads you should have gathered enough data to make educated optimization decisions. With this data you can really start to streamline and increase the growth of your original goals. You might also want to add more goals onto your previous plan. With continued optimization of your ads you will see a significant increase in ROI. The steps you should take know that you have an understanding of whats working and what needs to leave. You can now start optimizing even further with things such as Routine Bid Management and Effective Ad Scheduling.

Effective Ad Scheduling
In order to perform effective ad scheduling you must go to your ads reports. Examine when your ads are performing the best then focus your ads to run most at those premium times. If this is done correctly it should increase your ROI with a lower investment by using a smaller time slot. This should increase your click through rate and overall conversions.

Routine Bid Management
The best way to stay ahead of your competition is to develop a routine of checking and managing your bids. The ideal routine should be daily or at least once a week. When you implement this you will stay ahead of the game and be optimizing your costs at the same time. Some good tactics to practice when bidding are as follows.

  1. Choose keywords that perform highly for your business and also use keywords associated with you’re the bottom line of your business
  2. Make higher bids when you are in lower positions
  3. Do not be afraid to try any and every avenue meaning be creative and entertain everything. When being in the top three is part of your goals. Click through rate and Click Volume are higher you must try everything until you find out what works

So to Put It All Together
You must have patience and time when doing the optimization process properly. When you do the optimization process properly the sky is the limit. You can increase traffic, generate leads, and have a lighting fast way to drive product promotions. So to put it all together optimizing your ad campaigns is vital if you don’t have the time do everything I have list get a company to do the work for you or don’t start at all. You will only be wasting your money and not untapping the true potential of your company’s ads. But if you have the time do this process you will see tremendous benefits.

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