Dirty Listings (Outdated Information) Ruining Your Search Ranking

Dirty Listings (Outdated Information) Ruining Your Search Ranking

Outdated Information
If you have moved locations or have never really thought about how your business is listed, you should really keep reading this. Search Engines and Directories are at the forefront of Ranking Factors. But before I get all techy on you, let me break this concept down. If you owned a physical store, would you move and not forward your mail? Would you leave your signage at the old locations and just put up new signs? Ofcourse, the answer is No. At least I hope it is. So why should your website be any different? I’ve heard and experienced business owners that have had two or three different phone numbers listed and old locations in one Search Engine and their new location in a different one.
Some Reason’s for This Problem Are!
I would say the most common reason for this mistake is thinking it’s a one-and-done type of process. This is only true in very rare cases. Most thriving businesses actively keep track of their listings and often rotate promotions and content inside their listings. Most people are very active when they first open their business and have a more hands-on approach in their start-up phase. This is not always the case when they scale up. This is a problem that they don’t even realize is going on. According to our research here at MetaSense Marketing, there is money being left on the table. Just imagine if a website that already is doing well, without proper listings and rich content inside their listings, started implementing proper listings and actively using their listings. They could possibly raise their bottom line upwards of 20% to 50%.
The second most common problem is pure laziness. Sorry if I’m offending someone with this. But, in many cases, it’s true. Third most common reason would have to be not realizing how important it really is to keep your listings clean. So, if you combine problems two and three it could be dangerous for a website’s presence. This is the type of person that doesn’t want to go back and clean up their listings and doesn’t think it will make that much of difference anyway. But anyone that has every looked up a business jumped in their car only to have their GPS lead to a closed store or completely wrong business, knows how important it is. The one Major Problem among the tech savvy entrepreneur is time. The tech savvy entrepreneur knows they have dirty listings and would like to clean them but just does not have enough time in the day to stop everything to clean up their listings. I have to say honestly, I feel the most pain for this type of website owner.
The Internet Is Not Human!
One of the biggest mistakes is thinking that the internet or a search engine thinks like a human. They cannot understand content like we do. They are simple robots looking for specific Keywords and rich content that help them understand what you’re about. The same goes for phone number, locations, store hours, and any other vital info about your business. They are the gate keepers of the money. You must tell them again and again what you company is about and where you can be located and how you can be contacted. So, when you have different information floating around on listings and things aren’t listed identically, you confuse the robots when they go to gather information on your company and place you in search rankings. This can severely hurt your brands presence. Please remember the internet is not human!
Cleaning up your Listings!
Cleaning up your listings can significantly increase your brands presence and website traffic. It will be easily understood by any search engine algorithms. A good cleanup will dramatically increase your search rankings and help your SEO efforts. If you have dirty listings, you need to stop everything your doing and clean them up right now. Especially if you’re an E-commerce only business. You cannot afford to have any confusion about who you are and what you can offer. We at MetaSense provide you with a free listing report. Click here to request your Free listing report. In this report will look like this…….


MetaSense Marketing Solutions!
We search 55+ search engines and directories. Find out how your listed in these search engines and directories. We check business name, address, phone number, content, and if you’re standing out. This is all the vital factors of clean listings. After you have this report you at least know what you need to do. Then the only questions are “do you know how to clean up outdated information?” and “do you have enough time to do it?” MetaSense Marketing can help.

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