4 Tips for Instant Online Visibility for all Start Up Business

Have you recently launched your business start up website but have little to no visitors at all?

  • Did you spend time choosing your website colors?
  • Writing blog posts?
  • Spent hundreds of hours on website design?

But now you launched and no one is showing up. You have no readers and no opt-ins. Your website is quiet and you are starting to doubt yourself. Should I just quit? Am I a failure? Why did I ever bother?

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Well there is good news for you.

First off you don’t need to quit. There are billions of websites out there and yours is just one. Don’t let that stop you from trying hard to get your website thriving! If you have the time and the proper understanding of what is needed to stand out. Then all you need is these tips.

1. Web Design
Have you made this fatal mistake? Did you design what you like and not what your target audience likes? Your website design should be what your target audience wants and what is associated within your industry or field off business. Check out your competition and other industry leader’s websites. This will help you to get clear a clear understanding of colors related to your industry. If you want to push the envelope I say do it. But do it smart.

  • You need to have one main color.
  • One or two accent colors.

The right layout and web design for your Target audience helps to keep readers on your website for longer periods. It can have a big effect on your search engine rankings. Google analytics measures how long visitors stay on your site and what pages they visited. This information is partially used to rank your website in their search engine and to determine the value of your site. Do not build your website full of advertisements and spam that tends to be quickly clicked away from by the reader which tells Google that the website doesn’t maintain any value because no one stays there! By creating a user friendly website you will encourage your readers to stay for longer periods of time. This helps to boost your website ranking which grows online visibility.

  • Make user friendly navigation buttons on your site so visitors can find what they need and want quickly. There is nothing more frustrating than when you are on a website and you can’t find exactly what you want!
  • Your navigation buttons should include a Home, About and Contact page. You can add in additional pages depending on your niche and customer needs.
  • Skim-Ability- With the majority of people now using mobile devices to access the internet they usually don’t have time to spend hours (sometimes even minutes) reading through lengthy web pages. Make sure your about page, blog posts and home page are easy to read and can be scanned over.
  • Include sub headings, bullets points and break up the content so it’s easy to simply skim over as well as read through the entire thing.
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2. Social Media
To improve your business start up visibility, choose the social networks your audience mainly uses and are most relevant to your business. If your target audience needs to visually see your products then social media networks that mainly use images will get you more online visibility. For example if you sell jewelry, clothes, art or furniture the best social media networks would be Pinterest and Instagram where customers can see your work.

  • Relevence and social platform list.
  1. Facebook – Relevant for all business’s & good source for almost any targeted audienc.
  2. Pinterest – Good for Visibly drawing prospects – Prime audience include jewelry, Art, Clothes.
  3. Instagram – Good for Visibly drawing prospects – Prime audience include Auto, Restaurant’s, Florist.
  4. Twitter – Good for Witty advertising and staying influential – Prime audience includes EBooks, Audios or mentoring services.
  5. LinkedIn – Best for B2B connections and leads – Prime audience is Corporate business owners and other Important figures.

When creating a profile on any social media account be clear on the purpose of your business and include your main keywords for your business within the profile. Adding keywords in your profile helps the users to find you. And don’t forget to add a website link that directs users to your website.

  • Stay in Contact

The biggest social media networks easily push out over a billion messages every day. If you don’t stay in regular contact with your followers you will easily be forgotten.

  • Calls to Action

Almost every time you are messaging your followers make sure to add in ‘calls to action’.

  • Examples of Call To Action
  1. ‘Retweet This Tweet’
  2. ‘Sign up to the Newsletter’
  3. ‘Like This’
  4. ‘Buy Now’

Please note: Not all your messages need a call to action and not all your ‘calls to action’ should be about buying. Google is ranking and determining the value of a website by how strong thier social media following and presence is. The more your business is shared, ‘Liked’ and ‘Tweeted’ the better Google will rank your site and increase the visibility in its search engine.

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3. Blogging
Google uses spiders and robots to crawl the majority of websites on the Internet to check for updated information which helps them decide where to rank you. Blogging is basically just writing articles and adding them to your site your site. The easiest way to add new information on a regular basis to your website is to blog.
Blogging also helps add more pages to your website which also improves your ranking . Google uses the amount of pages contained on a website to decide rank position along with other ranking factors.
The best way to be a better Blogger is to practice often. You want to try and Publish a new post as much as possible. Blogging at least once a month should be a good practice for you.

  • When brainstorming for ideas to write about.
  1. Focus on some of the bigger problems within your industry.
  2. Respond to questions that your customers ask/email you about.
  3. Make sure your post present helps your target audience see you as an industry leader and a valuable resource.

4. Quality Video Promotion
Getting high quality video produced is always a good idea. If you look at The Ice Bucket Challenge as an example it is proof that the rite kind of video can increase your profits and overall brand presence.

  • Types of videos.
  1. You can do standard commercial.
  2. Testimonial videos.
  3. Explainer videos.
  4. Instructional videos.

And the list could keep going on and on the main rule is still keep your content relevant to your industry.
In case you have been,” wondering why such a strong focus on Google and what they are looking for?” It’s simple as this, Google is the number one most popular search engine out there. Most other search engines follow suit and if your website is visible on Google chances are it will rank high on other Search Engines. A great person to follow and stay updated with is Matt Cutts. Matt Cutts is the head of Google’s Web spam Team. He uploads videos and blog posts about how Google will be ranking your site on a regular basis. This will help with staying within Google’s vision.

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