Be Creative Or Get Left behind!

The year is 2015 traditional business marketing has become obsolete. The average consumer is tired of the gimmicks and doesn’t want to feel like they are being sold too. In fact only 1% of millennial’s said that a compelling advertisement would make them trust a brand. So if you are saying to yourself “if good advertising doesn’t work? Then what are we supposed to do to gain consumers trust and eventually their business?” The answer is simple get creative.

I would suggest any ideas or campaigns that you have ran in the past throw them out the window. Any new ideas you have that don’t really excite you, get rid of them. You must go outside of the box and get creative. The team that is ok with average ideas and campaigns will get average results and for the higher ups that put chains on their marketing team, take them off! To quote Micheal Brenner

“Behind every piece of bad content is an executive who asked for it.”

You must give them stories
Good content marketing is not so much about the company as much as it is about the customer aka audience. You must treat your marketing like show business and give them what they want. To find out what they want ask yourself, “what type of person is my audience?”. When you have a firm understanding of what your audience wants you must give them exactly that. You must make your content entertaining and involving to your potential audience.

Relax this is supposed to be fun
When you brainstorm about how you’re going to run your campaign. Keep it fun, helpful, and entertaining. Your audience should feel informed, entertained or amused. You want the person that discovers your content to feel like a hero for finding it. That person that has that feeling when they find it 9 times out of 10 will share it and post about it. This is just one added bonus of good content marketing. People will act as brand ambassadors for your company on social platforms and not even realize it.

Content marketing is taking the forefront in most big business. It is cost effective and drives a large brand presence and interaction. The right article can have legs that can last years. Every piece of content should have goals behind it that you are looking to reach. There is certain ways of automating the publications to your social platforms. But please stay away from auto bloggers and article spinners they will not help you and will actually have a negative effect of your marketing efforts.

Keep your content original
When writing your content please steer clear of directly copying some ones work. Plagiarism is still a valid thing even on the internet. That doesn’t mean that you can’t use resource or even share other companies content just make sure its relevant to your field of business and that you give proper credits to the resources you use. You have many options when it comes to creating content there is video plug ins and add ons to editing software that makes making a video easier than ever. Smart phones have made it super simple to make a audio clip that you can host on sites like soundcloud and for the more audio driven content you can even develop virtual podcast’s and radio stations. Last but not least don’t under estimate the power of the picture and the more evolved version known as the MEME. Meme’s and Hashtags have opened up a whole new avenue of content marketing. That can range from amusing to serious and informative. Don’t ignore avenues because you aren’t used to them.

Basically have fun, be creative and always put your customer’s interest in front your company’s interest. I think we should end this with man that summed it up best.

Craig Davis –
“We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.”

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