How To Define Your Facebook Advertising Audience

How to Define Your Facebook Advertising Audience

When you do Facebook Advertising, it is critical that you understand who your target market is.
There are 3 Key Ways in Facebook advertising to define your audience.
Defining your audience, the right way, will help your Facebooks Ads be so much more successful.
Let’s look today at how to define your Facebook Audience better in your Facebook Advertising.

1. Your Business Target Market
You should have a good definition of who your target market is. If you take your target market list and go through the Facebook Advertising process, you can load up most of your parameters.

  • Where does you audience live?
  • Where does the business want to sell?
  • What is the income level of your prospect?
  • What is the sales level of your prospect?
  • What is the title of those you want to go after?
  • What industry are they in?
Take the items on your targeted market definition and match them to Facebook.
2. A Custom List
Facebook Advertising allows you to take any list you have and load the information into Facebook. Facebook then attempts to find those people in Facebook and put them on your list.
This could be your customers, past customers, prospects and/or a lead list.
3. Look-Alike List
This is a list of people who look like other people.
Capture those that come to your Facebook page and find others like them.
Capture people who come to your website and find other like them.
Amazing what you can do with getting the right people to see your ad and take action using Facebook Advertising. This is one reason why Facebook Advertising can be so successful for you.
If you are looking to do Facebook Advertising, then please take time to work on getting your audience right.
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