Facebook Advertising: What You Need to Know Before You Start

Facebook Advertising: What You Need to Know Before You Start

You might be hearing a great deal about Facebook Advertising and you might be thinking,

“Should I jump in?”
Everybody is doing it. I should be there too?
It looks like it works to me?
I click on the stuff all the time! Or I never click on that stuff myself!
I will tell you Facebook Advertising can work, and it is a great place to be. But make sure you take a few minutes and look at these 5 points before you make the leap.
1. Why should you be using Facebook Advertising?
With so many different platforms out there, why should you choose Facebook?
What does it give you over what you have been doing in the past?
Is your audience really out there on Facebook?
The last question has a simple answered – everybody is out there.
2. What is the outcome I am looking for from Facebook Advertising?
If this ad is successful – what will I accomplish?
Is it to sell 50 copies of a product?
Is it to get 100 people to a landing page and have 20 people fill the page out?
Is it to get 25 phone calls?
Define what you are looking for from doing this Facebook Advertising.
3. How much do I want to invest? How much do I need to invest?
I will tell you that Facebook Advertising is one of the best investments out there.
But how much do you want to invest in this project?
You can start with less than $5 a day.
You can move to $25, $50, $100 a day or even more.
Your budget is a key element of determining what you can spend on Facebook Advertising.
You could also review your success and let that drive your future investment.
If you get 10 people to fill out the form over the first $100 you spend, then you will invest another $200 in Facebook Advertising.
4. Who is the audience that I want to go after with this Facebook Advertising?
Facebook Advertising offers you the opportunity to get so tight in defining who sees your ad.
So please take time and build your audience as tight as possible.
5. What copy and pictures do I need for this Facebook ad?
Content is critical to your success.
What is going to make someone click on the Facebook ad?
What words and what visual will work the best?
Would you click on the ad?
Would people you are going after click on it?
What makes you think so?
Have you ask them?
The key to Facebook Advertising is to get then to take some action on the ad.
6. Interesting stuff, right?
If you are looking to do Facebook Advertising then please take time to think about these 5 points.
What is next?
Are you ready to learn more?
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