Facebook Advertising Results Come from The Call to Action

Facebook Advertising Results Come from The Call to Action

It is wonderful to get people to click on your Facebook Advertising. But that does not create a result. Itsimply begins the process.
I often hear people complain:
“People click on my ad. But they never fill out the form.”
or, “They got to my page and didn’t do anything.”
or, “Why didn’t they watch my video?”
The biggest reason is the Call to Action wasn’t clear.
A Call to action is simply a request for them to do something.
It must be clear. It must be simple. It must be easy.
It must be clear!
If you want someone to do something, don’t assume anything.
Sometimes it seems way to simple.But that is OK.
Tell them exactly what it is you want them to do.

  • Click to watch the video.
  • Enter your email and click to download.
  • Click the button and get put on our list.
It must be simple!
Don’t ask for all kinds of data.
First name and email should be it.
Don’t send them to your webpage where they have to figure out what to do.
Enter a and b and click.
It must be easy!
No one is going to jump through hoops.
Most everyone is going to get frustrated because you want them to do all kinds of things in order to get this offer.

Put in your email and click.
That should be it.
If they don’t respond to your Call to Action, you don’t get the results you want.
Make it simple and easy for them.
This gets you the results your need.

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