Great Content Drives Successful Email Marketing

Great Content Drives Successful Email Marketing

How good is your email marketing content?
How well is it written?
Is it going to get read, or simply deleted?
All great questions we need to be asking about the email marketing content that we put out there.
Today I just wanted to share:

9 Keys on Email Content and What Makes it Effective!

1. Personalize the email
No one wants email that is not addressed to him or her or is generic.
It is hard enough to get them to read email addressed to them, why would you ever do anything else.
2. Use Action Language when you can.
What is it you want them to do?
What happens when they do it?
3. Try to write in second person.
You, your and yours.
4. Use less “we” and more “you.”
The focus needs to be on the reader, not on you.
5. Make sure copy follows headline.
Don’t go somewhere else in the copy
Talk about what you said you were going to talk about and leave it at that.
6. Talk about the Benefits to the reader
No one cares about what you like, want or need – sorry but it true.
They care about themselves.
Structure the email that way.
7. Proofread
Again and again and again.
8. Short, quick and to the point.
No one has time to leisurely read email.
It is slam, bam, and off we go.
If I cannot scan read it, or at least get interested, delete.
9. Single focused
One point is all you need to focus on.
If you have more points, write more emails.
What is next?
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