Effective Email Marketing Requires A Call To Action

Effective Email Marketing Requires A Call To Action

Email Marketing is a great tool, works very effectively and gets some excellent results.But for you to get those results, you have to get your reader to:


This is what we refer to as a “call to action.”  Many people who do Email Marketing, say a bunch of stuff. But they fail to create any kind of call to action.
Plus, many of those who do have a call to action in their Email Marketing, do not get any action on it.
So, what do you need to have an effective call to action in your email marketing process?
Here are 7 Tips you can use in your Email Marketing process.


1. The What
You must let your audience know what it is you want them to do. You must be very straight and to the point: Click here. Call this number. Fill this form out.
Whatever it is, don’t dance around it. The Email Marketing piece must let them know what you want them to do.
2. The Why
Your email marketing piece has to have a why. Why should they do it, why should they take this action?
If you have not given them any reason, they will not take action and you will not get what you need.
3. Scarcity
Call to action works well in email marketing when you use scarcity.
Only a few left, better act now.
Only a few available, do not delay.
Only so much time and this offer is gone.
This offer expires in so many minutes
4. Pain works well in email marketing
What could happen if you continue to allow this to take place?
Is this happening to you?
How does this make you feel?
The relief is in clicking the key.
5. Make sure it is something they can do on any device they use
Remember that many people who look at your email marketing will be looking at it on a cell phone.
If the call to action requires data entry – chances are low it will get done.
If they cannot do it easily on the cell phone – your email marketing call to action will not happen.
6. Keep it simple
It is why people ask only for email and first name in the call to action on email marketing.
It is why auto fill works best
Just click and go.
7. Test it
Try it before you release your email marketing process, test it.
Especially if it is going to be a long email marketing campaign.
Try all the above things we have talked about.
Which ones work best to get people to take action.

Here you have 7 simple things you can do to improve your Call to Action in your Email Marketing campaign and other campaigns that require call to action.
Begin now.

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