5 Ways to Get Noticed Online in 2020

5 Ways to Get Noticed Online in 2020

Remember the days when you could open a business, buy an ad, put your information in the yellow pages and you were open for business? Now, we are all inundated with information all day and across many different media.


A Look Ahead at 2020
2020 is already shaping up to be a year like none other. Conversations are moving across social media like never before. How do you compete to have your voice heard so your business can stand out? Navigating all of the marketing channels is a full-time job. Not everyone has a marketing department or designated person. So, here are a few tips to keep your marketing moving forward this year.
5 Ways to Get Noticed
1. Make sure you have a responsive and mobile-friendly website
How long has it been since your site has been updated and refreshed? Customers will judge your company & website in the blink of an eye. That is literally how long it takes for people to land on your page and either decide to stay or bounce off to find something else. It also matters that more people are going to websites on their mobile devices. Sites need to be optimized across all devices from desktops to smart phones.


2. Local Listings
Businesses need to be found, physically. If your business is listed anywhere with an incorrect business name, address or phone number, it could result in lost sales. When companies originally set up their listings, it was not always all at once and sometimes more than one person created the listing. That may have led to listing mistakes. Xtreme Listing can help with that by correcting name, address & phone number for 65+ search engines…all that feed into the major players like Google & Bing.


3. Blogs & Articles

Companies are realizing that their customers like to learn. We go to the internet or use digital assistants to answer all types of questions. Wouldn’t your company want to be the expert, so those questions would come directly to you? 500 words a week will strengthen your website and your backlinks.


4. SEO- iMetaDex

Search Engine Optimization is the most complex to implement because it is not a one-shot fix. SEO is a methodical process that takes time to see results and to drive more audience to your website. No one can guarantee that you will rank top on the first page of Google. Everyone wants to be on the first page of Google. MetaSense Marketing stands alone with SEO because we have developed an amazing patent-pending tool for SEO called iMetaDexTM. We are the only Digital Marketing company that has this revolutionary tool that we use to help our clients move steadily in the ranking while decreasing PPC costs. What is important with SEO is that your website will be seen by more people and then your company can convert them to sales and ROI.


5. Social Media

Yes, Social Media is king. Facebook and Twitter are great. And more and more people are turning to image or video-based social media platforms such as YouTube, Snap Chat and Instagram. LinkedIn is extremely popular in the professional community as well. The trick with social media is to not just be the company but be a relatable person. These are fantastic avenues to reach out to customers, person to person. They are also great platforms to educate your customer and establish your company as an industry leader. And, of course, social media is a great platform to express your creativity.


MetaSense Marketing looks at your company and current marketing efforts and we know how to optimize it all.
Is there a marketing area that may need some attention?

We really do look for ways to provide the help our clients need in order to reach their goals and to succeed. MetaSense Marketing can help in all of the areas listed above.

And a consultation to begin the conversation costs nothing.

MetaSense Marketing is here for that very that very purpose….


To answer your questions and make you successful.

At MetaSense Marketing, we help our customers build effective Digital Marketing Campaigns that makeit easier for people to do more business with them.

Designing, building and implementing Award-Winning Digital Marketing Strategies.


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