Ecommerce and How to Use Social Media

Ecommerce and How to Use Social Media

You have set up your website. You set up your ecommerce store. Great!

The Future of Ecommerce
But, do you realize that things are changing and evolving so rapidly in ecommerce that staying on top of the trends is important to staying competitive? Even if you are having success today, you still must look to and plan for the future. You must do what you need to do to not only remain competitive but to be successful.

Online shopping is growing quickly. Most everyone is choosing to do some or much of their shopping online. Your ecommerce strategy can determine how much online shopping dollars come to you. The sales are projected to increase from 1.3 trillion in 2014 to 4.5 trillion in 2021.
Social Media Shoppers

Social Media is driving business to ecommerce. We have all gone through our social media only to come across the perfect item. At a click, you are taken to an ecommerce site where you can easily purchase that item and within days that perfect item is in your hands. 

This doesn’t happen naturally from the seller’s perspective. You must choose the perfect item and then match it to the perfect social media platform. You then have to make it easy for the shopper to click and buy that item. There is so much that goes into this process. And as I said earlier, things are changing in ecommerce strategy at an amazing rate.


Social media is part of our daily lives and offers and incredible opportunity for ecommerce. From Instagram’s Checkout to the Facebook Buy Button it is getting easier for customers to shop while using social media.

To be successful, your business needs to make sure your products stand out, that you choose the right social media platform and that you make it as easy as possible for the customer to purchase your product.

Even new companies have an incredible opportunity to launch their brand using social media. Having a great product as well as understanding your customer and their social media habits can launch a brand from obscurity to popularity when ecommerce and social media are combined successfully.

Social Media Influencers

With social media influencers, your products can take off even quicker. Social influencers are just that. They are the stars of social media. They have amassed a large audience of loyal followers on social media. They just have to wear or use one of your products on social media and your brand can explode. Many companies link their ecommerce to these influencers to help market and promote their products.

Social media is not just presenting your product in catalog form. It surrounds your product with active and engaged customers.
You must stay on top of the ever-evolving ecommerce trends to keep your customers active and engaged.
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