Simple and Straight forward SEO (Part 1)

Search Engine Optimization for Beginners (Part 1)

The Internet
Everything nowadays is done digitally. From planning special events and sharing videos of your firstborn, to talking with your friends, family and coworkers, we are all connected by one thing: The Internet. This makes marketing done on the internet, Digital Marketing, the most important way to advertise your business.
Because of the surge to market businesses online, Search Engine Optimization or SEO has been developed in order to help small, main-street companies gain visibility.
SEO can be quite confusing, but we have compiled a simplified version of Search Engine Optimization basics for all the beginners out there.
Search Engine Optimization
What exactly is SEO?
When you type something into your computer, phone or tablet’s search bar, endless choices appear. Let’s say you sell tires, and someone is looking to buy tires in your area. When they type tires into the search bar (search engine) you want your business to appear at or near the top of all the endless choices. But how can you get your business name near the top?
Any process you complete that attempts to build your rankings on a search engine falls under the realm of SEO. This can be anything from incorporating keywords into your website pages, link-building, or even promoting your business on social media.
How does a search engine work?
In the world of search engines, Google is king. In their search results, Google uses an algorithm in order to rank websites by their authority and relevancy. It is important to note that a website’s authority is measured by analyzing their number of quality links and relevancy or how their content is related to what they are trying to promote.
How can I make my website rank higher in Google?

One of the best ways to improve both the relevancy and authority of a website is to link to other websites and social media accounts. The idea behind this is if a quality website is linked to yours, Google will boost your place in its search results. However, it is important not to confuse quality with quantity, as one valuable website can provide just as much “link juice” in Google’s algorithm than 20 from lower rated websites.

How does social media help?

One of the best Search Engine Optimization techniques is to invest time in promoting your social media accounts at all times. This is because they are incredibly helpful for boosting a brand’s image. When working properly, social media can help acquire customers and build website traffic. In fact, 74% of brand marketers saw an increase in website traffic after investing only six hours per week in social media. All of this helps your business rank higher. So, for the health of your business, don’t forget those Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts!

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