Why Should We Pay Attention to Chatbots?

Why Should We Pay Attention to Chatbots?

That’s a great question! There are a lot of benefits to Chatbots as they are an effective new tool now being used by many of the most successful companies today.

In the digital marketing world, Chatbots have become the new rage. So, what is a Chatbot? Well, it is a computer program that lets you have a conversation with any device. Chatbots are designed to respond like a real human. They recognize key words and speech patterns and are able to respond accordingly.
Businesses want Chatbots because of the great benefits and advantages they offer. In general, Chatbots help businesses create ease in shopping, increase customer satisfaction, market new products, manage their time more efficiently and save money in many areas. Chatbots provide customers the satisfaction they are looking for by performing simple tasks and answering questions;especially the more popular questions being asked. Chatbots are like employees that never rest and will always have your back, all day everyday, which makes them so beneficial. Yes, Chatbots can give you a lot of advantages and you should pay attention because some of the most successful companies in the world use them.Here are just a few examples:
Facebook uses Chatbots through Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger allows different types of stores to use chatbots to perform different tasks such as answering questions for customers and making recommendations through Facebook Messenger.
Amazon Echo
Amazon created their own Chatbot assistant called Amazon Echo. Amazon Echo is activated by saying its name Alexa and can be purchased for personal use. Amazon Echo can perform different tasks such as notifying you of the weather, playing music, controlling your thermostat, turning on your lightsand much more.
Google Assistant
Google has their own Chatbot assistant available on the Google website. It performs tasks such as giving driving directions, setting up your calendar and reminders and more. The phrase “Ok Google” activates the Google assistant and allows people to perform various tasks using just their voice. Having a Chatbot available to answer questions or perform tasks for them can be very helpful.

Stores that have Chatbots to help customers shop online have increased their profit because they make online shopping more convenient and user-friendly. Having Chatbots available to help the customer shop for their items or give them a recommended list of things they can buy, increases the chances of the customer adding more items to their cart. Chatbots are popular now and will grow more popular as their capabilities increase. You can find Chatbots in many places and some are built right into your devices: Siri for Apple devices, Bixby for Samsung devices and Google Assistant for Google Pixel.

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