What is Artificial Intelligence?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

We probably have all heard about robots replacing humans in the future. Although, we don’t know what is awaiting us in the future. What we do know is that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the key factor in automation and Machine Learning. Artificial Intelligence is technology that is being developed by humans that can complete tasks that usually need human intelligence to complete. Artificial Intelligence uses features such as speech-recognition, decision-making and visual perception, and can easily transition between different languages. Artificial intelligence is basically a replica of human intelligence.
There are Two Types of AI
There are Two Types of AI

1. Narrow AI is known as Weak AI. This type of AI is known to be limited and completes a single task efficiently.

o Examples of Narrow AI: Google search, Siri, Alexa, IBM’s Watson, Image recognition software.

2. Artificial General Intelligence, also called AGI, is known as Strong AI. It is a stronger replica of human intelligence. It uses human intelligence toreach a decision. It is much closer to a human being’ thinking than narrow AI.
o AGI is still being researched. Researchers are working hard to make further breakthroughs with AGI.

How is Artificial Intelligence Being Used Today
Artificial Intelligence is being used in different ways such as virtual assistants, automobile technology and online.

  • Siri not only completes tasks and finds things for you from the web, it also has Machine Learning technology which makes the assistant brighter and become more adaptive to the use
  • Tesla also uses Artificial Intelligence. It can make predictions and it comes with self-driving features. Tesla is making their cars better using AI to adapt to their driver’s needs.
  • Netflix also uses technology that aids in predictions. It learns the taste in movies and tv shows by analyzing customer’s reactions. It then proceeds to display movies and tv shows based on what they learned about the user. It makes finding a movie or tv show you will like on Netflix easier.

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