SEO/PPC -Which is Best for YOU?

SEO/PPC -Which is Best for YOU?

The debate continues to find the best method to generate more business for your organization.
To help you get more leads – so you can close more business.
To help you get more people to your website – and get them to fill out the lead form.
To help you increase your sales and grow your business.
Bottom line question is – How can you grow your business. As a business owner, that is what you are interested in. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Pay-Per-Click (PPC) can help.


When it comes to getting traffic to your site you have options.
You can either pay or you can do it organically.
But before we try to find which is best for you, let’s have you ask yourself some basic questions?
1) What are your goals with this product/service and SEO/PPC?
2) Do you sell a product or a service or both?
3) Is your offering high-cost, low-cost or somewhere in the middle?
4) Is this product/service new, or existing?
5) Is this product/service unique? How so?
6) How fast do you need sales?
7) What is the lifetime value of a customer to you?
These are just a few of the questions you will first have to answer to develop your SEO/PPC plan. There are many more questions when it comes to SEO/PPC. But these are a good start.


Pay-Per-Click is about paying for advertising space. It is very similar to how we use to pay for space in the yellow pages. It is pay-to-play. You target certain keywords and phrases. The cost can be low, or it can be extremely high. And PPC can get you immediate results.
If you were on page one tomorrow, what would that do for your product/service?
It is a great way to jump start your business.
Is about getting you to the top of the page. But it takes a longer amount of time.
However, research has found that some buyers will not buy from ads but look for those who come up naturally/organically. Statistically, SEO brings you a better-quality lead.
Also ranking high organically says a great deal about your company and your creditability.


BUT IT IS NOT FREE. You still pay either in your own time and effort or the time and effort of the vendor you hire.
Together, may be the best solution for you.
Getting your business immediate results by targeting certain keywords and phrases and getting you on page one right now.
Getting you some visibility now and building your credibility.
Starting to build the base to keep you high in the organic search.
Today we have tried to give you some basics of SEO/PPC so you can learn more about each method and start to find your way to the best solution for you.


Today we have tried to give you some basics pf SEO/PPC so you can learn more about each method and start to find your way to the best solution for you.


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