Explore the Best Free FTP Clients: Top 6 Picks for Efficient File Transfers

Learn About The 6 Best Free Ftp Clients

The 6 Best Free FTP Clients for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Use easy-to-use FTP clients software to move files from and to a server

An FTP client communicates with a server via the file transfer protocols FTP. Usually, FTP clients are graphical interfaces with buttons and menus designed to help you transfer files. A few FTP clients, however, operate from a shell or command-line interface.
An FTP client is built into each desktop operating system, and every major web browser supports FTP functionality.

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What Are The Steps To Install A FTP Client?

The few Free classic FTP clients that exist for the masses will be discussed. Let’s see how it’s installed before deciding which one to pick. The majority of FTP clients listed here follow the same installation steps.

  • You need to download the respective FTP client from the provided link before installing it.
  • Run it as an administrator once it has been downloaded.

A window pops up a dialogue box every time you install a new program. You are requesting permission to modify and edit things through the FTP client. Once that’s done, start setting things up.

You can use this guide to walk through the process.

  • Step 1: Choose the option to install the program for all users.
  • Step 2: Read the License & Agreement in step two. After reading it, press the Accept button.
  • Step 3: Determine the kind of installation: You should select Typical Installation as a new user and then press next.
  • Step 4: Choose a User Interface Style. A new user should select Explorer over Commander. Users who are familiar with programs like Norton Commander should utilize Commander.
  • Step 5: The installer will display the choices you’ve made thus far. After reviewing, you can either click the install button to begin the process or go back and make adjustments.
  • Step 6: It takes around a minute to install. You will get a Finish screen, where you may choose the Launch FTP Client choices before clicking on the finish.
  • Step 7: The FTP client will now be launched. Now you may fill the blanks with your server information, including web hostname, username, and password.

What are the The 6 Best Free Ftp Clients?

What are the The 6 Best Free Ftp Clients?

Go through the below free FTP Clients:

Using Filezilla

FileZilla is among the most popular free classic FTP clients for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Tabbed browsing is used for simultaneous server connections, and the program is easy to understand and use.
It displays your local files next to your remote files on a server and includes a live log of your server connection, simplifying transfer to and from the server and showing the status of each operation.
A bookmark enables you to access FTP servers later with FileZilla Client easily. Transferring files up to 4 GB and resuming them is also supported, as is easy drag-and-drop functionality. Searching the FTP server is also supported.
Here are just a few of the capabilities and choices that Filezilla supports:

  • Limits on concurrent transfers and bandwidth
  • The active and passive modes
  • Export and import FTP server information for usage on other computers
  • Proxy FTP
  • Validation using public keys
  • Specialized client software for file editing specific file formats
  • Before Transferring files, allocate space.
  • Review directories
  • Place and size restrictions for custom log files
  • Private connection info is quickly deleted

FTP Voyager

Many other features in this Windows FTP client aren’t found in FileZilla, including tabbed browsing and local and remote file listings. Like FileZilla, FTP Voyager can limit download speeds, control classic FTP servers with its Site Manager, and be a web host of other things. However, it can also do the following:

  • Choose a compression ratio.
  • When a criterion is satisfied (such as when you’ve connected, disconnected, successfully transmitted a file, or failed to connect), you can receive an email, sound alarm, or pop-up alert.
  • Before completing particular tasks like deleting files or directories, overwriting a file during a download, shutting off the remote browser, deleting an event, removing anything from the queue, etc., be sure you have authorization.
  • What sort of files are represented by specific file extensions? (e.g., MPGs and AVIs should be called “Video Files”)
  • SSH2 advanced options
  • Connect two folders
  • Rename downloaded and uploaded files automatically using pattern rules
  • send FTP instructions
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Windows SCP

WinSCP’s command line capabilities and protocol support are popular among engineers and system administrators. WinSCP supports both Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) and the older Session Control Protocol (SCP) for secure file transfers and FTP.
WinSCP has the following additional features:

  • To browse the user interface, select Commander or Explorer from the visual styles menu to browse the user interface.
  • For convenient simultaneous access, several sessions load as tabs.
  • You may bookmark FTP folders.
  • You can download files from the server in ZIP format.
  • You may download a file or folder from the server using the “download and delete” feature, and the server version will be immediately deleted.
  • Multiple file renaming is more straightforward than batch renaming.
  • To share the URL, copy the route to a file on the server along with the login information.
  • Using the file-search tool’s file masks, you may include and exclude specific file extensions and directories from the server search.
  • Can store a classic FTP session as both a site inside of WinSCP and a desktop shortcut for subsequent quick access.
  • Maintain local directories current by using WinSCP to automatically search an FTP folder, download files as necessary, and ensure that the local folder contains all of the contents from the FTP folder.
  • WinSCP allows two-way synchronization to keep a local and remote folder current with each other’s files.
  • Synchronize When you access a server-side folder through browsing, a local folder with the same name is opened, and vice versa.

Microsoft Windows users can download WinSCP for free. The program is open source and free. The portable version can be run from a flash drive or disc like a regular program.


In addition to a modern interface, CoffeeCup’s free FTP client supports all the features that web developers need, which is its intended use.
This free FTP client includes the following features:

  • Saves all of your FTP servers for quick access.
  • You may monitor and interrupt transfers using a Transfer Activity pane, which is arranged by a server for a more accessible organization.
  • Double-clicking on a local or remote file has complete control over what happens (no effect, open the file, or transfer the file)
  • When you reopen the FTP client software, the previous FTP session can be immediately recovered.
  • A ZIP archive of data is available for download.
  • Using the right-click menu, transfer chosen files and folders to another FTP folder.
  • You may bookmark remote folders.
  • It contains a Snippet Library that makes it simple to use a keyboard shortcut to add code to a document.

Even though CoffeeCup features a file editing, code completion tool, and image viewer in the paid version, you can’t use these features in the free edition.


As with the other clients on the list, CoreFTP LE features local and remote folders displayed side-by-side and a status bar to keep track of what’s happening at any given moment. The transfer queue can be managed, and files can be dragged and dropped between locations.
These features are notable:

  • Select a default local or remote beginning folder.
  • Before and after login, as well as before and after transfers, commands can be set up to execute automatically.
  • During download and upload, files may be automatically renamed.
  • You can schedule transfers using the queue without immediately beginning them.
  • Without initially Transferring files to your computer, files can be moved across servers.
  • You may create unique file associations that only work with CoreFTP LE so that files you open on your PC open in a specific FTP client’s software.
  • Thanks to supporting bandwidth management, you may restrict the client’s data transfer speed.
  • The FTP server will automatically save your file editing when you finish.
  • SSH/SFTP, OpenSSL, SSL listing, AUTH SSL, SSL Direct, PASV mode, and SSL transfers

A CoreFTP Pro is a paid version that includes additional features such as scheduled transfers, thumbnail image previews, a removed splash screen, ZIP compression, encryption, email notifications, and support for GXC ICS.


With CrossFTP, you can access FTP, Amazon S3, Google Storage, and Amazon Glacier with a free client for Mac, Linux, and Windows. This FTP client helps you browse servers tabbed, compress and extract archives, encrypt files, search, transfer files in batches, and preview files.
You can also set up commands and sounds to trigger particular events with this free FTP client to let it run on autopilot while still getting a feel for what’s going on without constantly checking the transfer log.
The free version of CrossFTP includes the features listed above. Still, CrossFTP Pro includes additional functionality, including folder syncing, transfer schedules, site-to-site transfers, and file browser syncing, among other things.


Our guide to the best classic FTP client for WordPress uploads should help you make an informed decision. Check out our MetaSense Marketing WordPress beginner’s guide for more information about pasting code snippets.

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