Increasing Your Email Open Rate – More Important Than Ever

Increasing Your Email Open Rate - More Important Than Ever

With work-at-home orders and social distancing, email is playing a larger part in your work and even in your personal communication.

Did you know that the average user sends and receives over 50 work messages daily? This is precisely why making sure your messages are opened and read must be a top priority.

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Tips to make your emails stand out and get opened!

Subject Line

What you put in the subject line is the key to getting your email opened. When developing your email, you must address a current need or want of the recipient.

Ask a question.

  • Did you know that your competitor is using…?
  • How can the newest tools in your industry help you succeed?

Using a question has a powerful effect on the reader. It makes their brain think of an answer, involves the reader, and makes it more likely for them to want to read more.

Make a Bold Statement

  • Overlooking this can cause your business to lose customers
  • The most important step to success is….


  • Put the name of the business or customer in the subject line
  • Address a specific need of that business

Offer an Incredible Deal

  • The deal offered must be something that no other business is offering, so the customer has to check it out.
  • Once a customer is established, regular deals are fine.

Certain words like ‘help,’ ‘off,’ ‘free,’ ‘buy,’ ‘sale,’ and ‘call’ will send your email directly to spam. So, before you send your email, remember to take an extra look to make sure the words you use sound professional and are well thought out.

The psychology of the subject line has been studied over the years and these are the primary triggers to get your email opened. With Covid 19, the psychology behind these methods has only been amplified. People are more engaged and aware. New business models are being developed and everyone is searching for new tools and products to help them adapt.

First Line of Content

When previewing emails, the first line or image is normally visible.

Get right to the point. People are busy and the message must be clear. Address what was stated in the subject line immediately. Always add a call-to-action click-link after the first line of content and throughout the email. This helps lead the customer to the purchase or towards scheduling an appointment.

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Your content must be amazing if you want people to continue to read. If the content is entertaining or informative, then your readers will always look forward to your emails. Try to articulate your thoughts clearly, so the readers can understand what you are saying or offering.

  • Understand that the marketers who have higher open rates, often craft email subject lines and content to ensure that their subscribers simply can’t resist opening and reading the email. This can be achieved by listening to the “voice of the customer” and acting accordingly. You can listen to your customers in many ways including email response and social media. However, you need to be sure to act on what is said to ensure that future emails and deals directly benefit the customer.
  • In your email, use moderately positive or negative language. By doing this, you will receive 10% to 15% more responses compared to emails that are totally neutral. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should overload your emails with fawning praise or aggressive criticism. Just use slightly more interesting language to remind your readers that a human being is behind the email. This will encourage your reader to respond.
  • Emails sent at the start of work and during lunch time have the highest response rates, as people arriving or returning to their desks often check their email immediately. So, if you have an urgent message, sending it first thing in the morning can help you to yield better results.

Always remember that to gain customer interest, you must first provide them with valuable content.

Start with a blog post that offersreaders advice and important information on a subject. The email can contain the first part of the blog with a link to the full blog. The blog will contain valuable information that answers their questions and gives them tools. The full blog will be available on your website. So, when they click the link in the email, it connects them directly to your site.
If you have sent someone an email, but you don’t hear back. Please, don’t assume that the person received it, opened it, read it, understood it or remembered it.
Also, please don’t assume that their lack of response means anything personal, or anything at all, other than they’re drowning in a tsunami of emails.
So, it is best to follow up a few days later. And when you do, try something different.

Follow these simple keys, and you should start to see much better results with your emails.


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