Importance of Having Responsive Website Design For Your Business

In early 2015 Google announced that websites which are not mobile friendly will be penalized. Google put this into action on April 21, 2015 with an update to its algorithm. It is now June, 2016 and the effects of this change have had more than enough time to really sink in. If you have not heard this news, then you are not alone. Many business owners who have their own website are still unaware of this massive shift in Google’s focus.

Google encouraged webmasters to design websites with HTML5 and responsive layouts in order to serve the Smartphone communities across the world. The Google announcement has made a serious impact on the existing businesses that have yet to design a Responsive Website. Many websites which have failed to update their existing websites are have been penalized in their rankings, and still many more are in a situation where they are not able to effectively improve their rankings unless they switch over to a Mobile Friendly Design.

Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?
Google has a Mobile Friendly Website Testing Tool, and will tell you if your website design is responsive. You should take a moment to check if you are not sure. If your website is NOT Mobile Friendly, MetaSense can fix that for you! We have been designing Responsive websites using the latest technology for years. We keep the power of mobile and social media in mind with every website project we take on, and lay in a strong foundation right from the very beginning.

The Impactof Responsive Website Design on Businesses
The impacts this shift from Google has had on businesses since April of last year depends greatly on how you are using your website and where your site’s traffic is derived from. If a major part of your visitors are your existing clients directed through your business cards, banners and flyers, you can continue to use your website as it is. The bulk of your traffic and customer base comes from print media and so the traffic is being driven by an origin point that doesn’t depend on the use of Mobile Phones and Tablets.Even so,you ought to considerupgrading it to a responsive design before Google penalizes you and your search engine ranking drops down no matter what efforts you put into alternative sources of traffic.

If the bulk of your traffic comes from other means, such as anything online – including Pay Per Click advertising, Social Media interaction, Organic Search Engine Optimization, Display Advertisements – then you absolutely need to consider obtaining a responsive website design. Your traffic hinges on people using smartphones and tablets, and whatever else is handy to search for your business or the services your business provides. Being at a disadvantage in that search arena hurts your business and improves the chances your competitors will be found instead of you.

If you’re a startup and still looking to get your website off the ground, then you are perfectly positioned for a responsive website. For the startups, this is a great opportunity which lets you to capture a huge portion of your potential market within a short span of time. By opting for Responsive Website Design you begin your journey by grabbing the attention of smartphone community and increase your traffic. You don’t have to convert an old, unwieldy website with a database; you just start off building on a solid foundation.

Insurance firms, entertainment venues and car dealership websites are getting affected to a great extent by this shift to mobile as those verticals depend on natural traffic for generating leads. If you act quickly and take the measure of getting a responsive website design as soon as possible, your search engine rankings are likely to improve and gain competitive edge over your competitors.

What Steps Should Be Taken?
You must convert your existing website into a Mobile Friendly Website but you don’t always have to change the appearance, feel and layout of your website. The experts as well as Google itself suggest businesses take complete advantage of having a brand new website with Mobile Friendly Website Design with a sleek look, 100% optimized and faster loading times so that the best possible chances knock your door. Responsive website design is the new standard, and it can be created to suit any and all of your needs for you website, whether you need a completely new design or you need a design based on your current site with little to no variation. The bottom line is, you need people on their phones to find you as many more people use that to search than a desktop PC. A responsive website design will give people using phones, tablets AND PCs the same seamless experience when they find your website and click on it. It truly is the best of all possible worlds when it comes to driving people to visit your business online.

When Should You Act?
Though search engines begin to show favoritism towards your mobile friendly websites, it takes some time for Google to make the ranking adjustment. Once done, you will feel the effects within a short span of time.

If you have decided to opt for a responsive website design, you should contact a Digital Marketing company like
MetaSense which is specialized also in creating responsive designs. The company will conduct a free analysis on your website and come up with valuable suggestions to facilitate your business’ best online marketing strategy. There are also many other web design companies having experience in creating responsive web designs, but make sure that the one you choose has enough knowledge and experience in providing right solutions for your needs.

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