Common Digital Marketing Myths That Can Hurt Your Company

Common Digital Marketing Myths That Can Hurt Your Company

There is no shortage of Digital Marketing myths floating around on the web. The Internet is a big place. So, it can be easy to be fooled by information concerning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other Digital Marketing Strategies. In order to prevent confusion, here are some common Digital Marketing myths that need to be squashed.

Digital Marketing Myths

Myth: SEO is a one-time investment.

Many business owners believe that if they invest in SEO, at least once, their digital marketing dreams will come true. This is in fact false, as the Internet is ever-growing. It is impossible to reach high rankings after working with a DigitalMarketing agency for just one month, as SEO is something that requires a commitment. Working month after month to ensure your website is optimized within a search engine’s algorithm is the key to strengthening your website ranking and getting the results you require.

Myth: Every webpage must constantly be redesigned.

Untrue! It is important that your webpage has a modern feel, high-impact keywords and engaging graphics. But, if these are all implemented, you should not have to worry about making constant changes. Just make sure to add responsive web design (if you haven’t already!) so your website is optimized for mobile devices as well. Adding updated content to your current design is very important though.

Myth: All I need to do is focus on keywords on the webpage itself.

This is false. If you rely only on putting keywords on your landing pages, it can look spammy. One of the best techniques is to invest some time into onsite blogging. Blogs will incorporate your keywords into a streamlined piece of content. Plus, blogging is beneficial for all small businesses, as it can increase web traffic by a up to 55%.

Myth: One specific technique worked well for our competition. So, it must work well for us too.

SEO is different for each business. You should not compare your SEO techniques to other companies. You can look at several competing businesses to assess what they are doing. But you must determine a unique system specific to your company. Working with an experienced Digital Marketing analyst will help you determine what is right for you personally. An Experienced Digital Marketing Company will have the resource to work with you and devise a system that will help you achieve maximum results.

Myth: Social media marketing is not for us.

With the rise and popularity of social media, it is important to put your brand out there! Just a simple Facebook page, Twitter account, and Instagram can do wonders for your brand by being accessible to customers at any time of the day. Plus, social media marketing creates new opportunities to reach new customers. Linking your Social Media accounts to your website will only increase exposure.


Professional Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization canenhance your website’svisibility, and therefore grow your business.
Keep these debunked myths in mind when you develop your Digital Marketing Strategy and be prepared to watch your business grow!

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