Be on Santa’s Nice List – The Do’s and Don’ts of Holiday SEO

Be on Santa’s Nice List – The Do’s and Don’ts of Holiday SEO

The Holiday Season is here and that means one thing: Holiday Shopping! Even when Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, consumers are far from done shopping!

Consider the fact that there are millions of pieces of content shared every day online. The Internet is a vast, thrumming machine, which is why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is more important than ever. Here are some holiday SEO tips and tricks to keep in mind within the next month.

Do: Have Responsive and Properly Formatted Web Design
More consumers than ever are shopping using their mobile devices. When they search for your products or services and they come across a website that isn’t formatted for a small screen, chances are they will leave. You will want to make it just as easy for them to purchase and/or contact you from their smartphones as it is from their desktop and laptop computers. You must also make sure that your web design is responsive. Make it easy for your customers to ask questions, search for products and make purchases.
Don’t: Forget your Social Media
Social Media is so important in the world of Digital Marketing simply because of its ability to reach a huge number of followers. Use your Social Media to promote sales, highlight products, offer exclusive discounts, and share sneak peaks of what’s to come. Ideally, you will also want to connect your website to each Social Media platform, so your customers can just transfer sites with the click of a button. By linking your Social Media to your website, you will have a greater chance of being found when consumers are searching for your products and services.
Do: Optimize your Keywords for Local Use
You may be a national company. However, when consumers search, they usually use their town, city or state when searching. You must target your Search Engine Optimization efforts towards local consumers. So, consider changing your keywords to include your hottest market locations to promote sales accordingly. The sooner you do this, the better. To decide what keywords will work best, analyze the monthly search volume of last year’s season.
Don’t: Wait to Write Content
It takes a couple weeks for SEO to go into effect. So, the sooner you can write your blogs and social media posts incorporating those keywords, the better. The longer you wait, the less impact they will have. Use words that your customers use to search for your products. Answer the questions your customers are asking when they search. Having those keywords in all of your content, from your website to Twitter, will go far in SEO.
Do: Research your Competitors
Make sure to do as much research as you can on competition and take their strategies into consideration. If your competitor is successful, you need to find out why. Look at the products they highlight. Check out their blogs and Social Media posts. Finding the keywords in their content can help you to get those searched most often into your content.
Don’t: Forget to Reach Out to Your Customers
The holiday season will bring many new customers to your site. So, take this as an opportunity to reach out to them. Ask what they want to know and how you can better serve them. Getting their email can allow you to send them special offers and industry information. A simple message of holiday greeting goes a long way, especially when your goal is to build client loyalty during this busy season. We all appreciate our loyal customers. They get the best products and services from us and we are successful because of them.

The Holiday Season is the Best Time to Show your Customers How Much They are Appreciated

With these tips in mind, Holiday Search Engine Optimization has never been easier.
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