5 Tips to Creating an All-Star Social Media Profile

5 Tips to Creating an All-Star Social Media Profile

Once a upon a time, we usedSocial Media exclusively for fun. I remember one of my former co-workers was reprimanded for being on Facebook during the workday and it was blocked from the computer. Now, we use it for work as well as news, marketing, social activism, event invitations, and of course,posting our cute kid pics.

Social Media is no longer just for fun. It is business. There was a show that taught restaurant owners howto increase their yelp star rating froma pitiful 2 star to an acceptable 3+ star rating. Why? Because the star rating mattered to Yelpers when selecting where to dine that evening.

Manage your Social Media Now!

Social Media makes an impact on our buying choices.People are rating, reviewing and reading everything on Social Media to help make their choices. Here are a couple things that will havea lasting impact on your Social Media presence. There are more. But we will cover these 5 today.

5 Things to Know

Rating – The star rating matters. Would you go to a 1-star restaurant and expect a fantastic meal? Or would you book an overnight stay at a hotel with 1-star rating for your special anniversary weekend? We are going to make choices based on how others have rated their experience.
Reviewing – Yes, some reviews cannot be trusted. However, many are relevant and truthful. Do not pay people to write reviews. Talk to your customers, ask them how they liked their experience that day and then ask them to write a quick review. People like to be heard and not only with the bad stuff. Invite them to be a part of the conversation.
Read – Potential customers are reading your reviews. We no longer need to know the person to get a recommendation or warning about a business. Read your reviews. Know what is out there about your business. It’s that simple.
Respond – Customer service @ it’s best. Respond to your reviews, good or bad. You must respond to the bad ones or ones where they are expecting a response. Be authentic & address issues or praise. No autoreplies allowed – and respond in a timely manner.
Questions – Now, take a breath – Ask the tough questions. Do I need to change something? Am I providing the best possible service? Should I reward an employee for a good review? Dig deep. We don’t all get it right all the time. There is always room for improvement.
Whether restaurant, hotel, retail shop, home remodeling company, airlines or distributor, Social Media matters in business. Need Help with your Social Media? Read, review, respond and sometimes ask for help.

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