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Information Technology and Software Company Digital Marketing Success Strategies for 2021

Consumers want everything fast. We are now a world where we prefer clicking to watch a video over reading content. According to, the human brain can process images up to 60,000x faster than words.

Using videos on your Website, in your social media posts and on YouTube will help present your Information Technology and Software Company quickly and, if done correctly, in a powerfully effective way.

But you need to get people to watch these videos.

“Society” is reflected in movies. In turn, movies influence society by challenging the audience’s morals and transforming viewers’ opinions. This amplifies the power of video, whether it influences a personal or mass response. Have you ever stopped to wonder about the impact that videos have on our lives and the people around us? When you really think about it, there are a lot more media exposures, than realized.

Video can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool. But for it to work, you have to get people to watch and be affected by what they have seen. You may share the video on your website and your social media channels. But you need the audience to share it to their network.

People will only share your video if they know how awesome it is. Nevertheless, for them to find that out, they will have to watch over seven seconds. This is why you have to catch viewers’ attention quickly. People’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter.
You need to create interesting and engaging content specifically for your targeted audience. You first need to identify what your audience wants from you. This can be achieved by asking your clients for their feedback on your content through email or social media or even the phone.

Before you record your video, get your script properly edited. Practice it to make sure it makes sense and that you are comfortable with the content. You may make your video in a professional studio simply record it on your computer, tablet or phone.
Keep the title of your video very simple with the right keywords. Tag your video with keywords that you think your audience may use when searching. Add a note of explanation or comment to your video which explains the basic concept of the video. Use comments as a way to speak directly with your audience. You must respond to comments on your video. Listen and give feedback to your audience.
Send out a newsletter via email, with a link to your video. Sharing your new videos with your connections is a great way to give people the valuable content you have created for them. Ultimately, the key to successful videos is to have relevant content. And you must share the content with people who may be interested. You need to engage them in viewing, inspire them to share and encourage them to give feedback.

The video is definitely a great way to get “face-to-face” with CClients and prospects and share just how great you really are!

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