What you need to do to make your content go viral

What you need to do to make your content go viral

A viral piece of content isn’t easy to make, as anyone who has tried it knows. Despite writing awesome content, promoting it hard, and creating excellent content, you might not get the shares you expected.

If you want your message to be heard, why not use tried-and-true internet marketing methods to create viral content?

The formula for getting a million shares isn’t foolproof, but you can almost always get better results by using specific techniques rather than just sharing your content.

This article will help you to become a Web sensation by showing you things you probably didn’t know about or didn’t do to increase views and shares.


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Viral Content: What Is It?

In the same way that viruses spread, viral content does as well. Circulation is the purpose of it. Many people view, love, and share it across social media. You don’t know how many people will engage with your content before you know it.

Viral content, though, what kind is it? You can use images, videos, articles, or even simple catchphrases. It must be memorable, unique, and shareable. To go viral in 2022, here are our top 15 tips:


1. Make your content search engine friendly

Sites benefit most from search engine traffic because it is sustainable and long-term. Make your content marketing viral by using low-competition and potentially viral keywords and optimizing them for them.

Isn’t it important to simplify this process as much as possible? There is no better solution than SEMrush’s Keyword Tool. The tool is as follows:

  • Identifies over 2 million keywords.
  • Group keywords according to their relevance.

Determines if a keyword is rank able based on its popularity.

2. Pay attention to the headlines

Readers perceive your content differently when you use headlines. Viral marketing is easy with killer headlines.

It’s essential to make an excellent first impression. Therefore, creating viral content requires a catchy headline.

Visitors read headlines about 80 percent of the time before reading your other content.

2022’s Top Tips
  • Make sure your headline is well-written
  • Put proven formulas and techniques to use
  • Make sure your headline includes keywords for better SEO

3. Comment on your post with your readers/viewers

Comment on your post with your readers/viewers

However, comments don’t spread as quickly as viral videos. Due to the inconvenience of returning to a blog frequently, people aren’t commenting as much on blogs. Comments are made by people who want to be heard.

Your existing or future informational content can be improved based on your readers’ pain points and suggestions.

Your content should generate a lot of comments and social shares due to its conversational, emotional appeal, and informative nature.

2022’s Top Tips
  • An impressive amount of social proof can be achieved by having a large comment section
  • Utilize user-generated feedback to improve your content
  • Maintain and strengthen your relationship with your readers by responding to their comments

4. Use lists

We love lists because they have something special about them. Check out New York Times article about why our brains love lists to learn more about this strange relationship.

Meanwhile, let’s look at Buzz-feed, creators of viral content and list posts.

As we can see above, most of their posts are lists in some form.

What makes this post format so successful?

Sharers like lists because they make them more measurable, give them a sense of being more brilliant, and usually help them solve some problems. It’s no wonder Buzz Feed has such a huge following.

2022’s Top Tips
  • The headline needs to be worked on. For every article on Buzz Feed, 50 possible headlines are generated
  • Create a list of useful content (gift ideas or holiday destinations work well)
  • Include relevant images in your lists – images still work
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5. Give it a visual appeal

You must include highbrow visuals and info graphics if your blog or social media posts spark exceptional engagement.

According to marketing professionals, visual content captures the attention of target markets about 55% of the time.

Visual content gives your readers a more aesthetic experience than large blocks of text.

Content marketers use high-resolution images on landing pages to express emotions readers can relate to.

You can use images, videos, and detailed info graphics to make your content visually appealing.

Use images and animated info graphics to break up your content’s structure after a few pieces of text.

Increasing the visual game may require more time commitment on your part, but it is, on the other hand, a proven strategy that makes content go viral.

Check out the MetaSense Marketing guide to making an info graphic if you’re unsure where to start.

2022’s Top Tips
  • Make sure your blog posts contain visual content
  • Social media loves info graphics
  • You should include images that are relevant to your content and add value to it

6. Make sharing easy

Make sharing easy

Without social sharing buttons, your content’s viral potential might fall short of the objectives.

Readers can share your content via social networks with friends and a wider audience.

Your website’s social proof can be built organically rather than through paid advertising.

To increase social sharing, however, you need to place social sharing buttons on your content. To spark a viral loop, content should have clear calls to action, such as sharing your content, forwarding, or commenting.

2022’s Top Tips
  • Increase organic reach by using social sharing buttons
  • You should strategically place sharing buttons on your website
  • Encourage users to share your content with a clear call to action

7. Focus on the point and keep it short

Long-form articles are less likely to go viral than short, targeted content.

There is a great deal of short content that goes viral. TikTok and Facebook videos typically last between 30 and 1 minute. The viewer might lose interest if the video is too long.

Likewise, blogs are subject to the same rules. Your text format should be brief and neat unless you are trying to create viral content, an ultimate guide full of info graphics. Subheadings, bullet points, and images make your content ‘scannable‘ since humans have short attention spans.

Long-form texts, on the other hand, provide readers with more context and information. Content creation via viral marketing is, however, not an easy process.

2022’s Top Tips
  • Don’t go overboard with your content
  • The viral potential of informational content is limited, but it can be longer

8. Arouse high levels of emotion

People are more likely to share content that makes them feel a certain way on social media when it makes them feel that way.

Humans are emotional by nature. Positive content receives more social shares than good news, according to a Facebook study that surveyed over 500,000 users.

2022’s Top Tips
  • Create online content that evokes emotions
  • Joy and awe are positive emotions to focus on
  • Connect with your target audience through emotions

9. Become familiar with your audience

If It can be easy to lose sight of your goal to go viral if you blindly post your content without a clear audience in mind.

Technical knowledge is required for this part. To tailor your offering to your readers or customers, you must first understand their pain points and identify them.

Knowing what your target audience cares about is essential if you want to provide value.

2022’s Top Tips
  • Find out who your audience is
  • Improve your content or product to deliver value
  • Address all identified pain points in an entertaining sales pitch

10. Personalized and interactive content creation

Making it big doesn’t always mean writing a listicle or a how-to. By providing your audience with an interactive and personalized experience, you can create irresistibly share-worthy content and stand out from the crowd.

When done right, such content will take more time and resources, but you will be rewarded handsomely by millennial audiences, especially the younger ones.

What’s more?

Over 60 million users shared and compared their results with their friends during the viral marketing campaigns. With over 1.2 million Twitter mentions, it’s also been popular on social media. The picture below probably appears in your feed as well, so you know that’s true.


There is an increasing level of competition and complexity in digital marketing.

It is estimated that there are thousands of content creators aspiring to become viral and monetize their work quickly.

Managing your content through social media outlets is pretty simple if you’re good at it.

Even though it may seem daunting, knowing there is stiff competition can usually pay off in the long run. You will likely succeed long-term if you go viral even once in your niche.

As a recap, knowing your audience, writing compelling copy and headlines, and engaging your audience in the promotion process will increase your chances of going viral.

You can pay for social media ads or work with influences in your niche to give your viral marketing campaigns the initial boost it needs.

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