What is Machine Learning?

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that learns and adapts by collecting, analyzing and applying new data.
Machine learning sifts through huge amounts of data to pinpoint patterns in that data. Machine Learningthen proceeds to update its programs using and learning from the patterns it finds. Based on the processed data, it can make accurate predictions and assist users in many ways.

Machine Learning uses statistical and predictive analysis. It was created so the AI could learn on its own without needing human intervention. Although, Machine Learning is in fact programmed using instructions from a user, it learns on its own based on pattern analysis. Machine Learning helps to continually update AI automatically. This helps significantly when things are constantly changing.

There are two categories of Machine Learning:
1. Supervised
For this category, Machine Learning requires a data analyst or a data scientist with proper Machine Learning experience. The data scientist or data analyst basically provides input and output. Also, algorithm training is required for Machine Learning to assure that it is making proper predictions.

2. Unsupervised
For the unsupervised category, machine learning does not require any training with output. Machine Learning basically go through a process called deep learning. It sifts through data and creates conclusions related to the data. Neural networks are needed for complicated tasks unlike supervised learning such as natural language generation, and image recognition. These type of algorithms needs an excessive amount of data to learn to work properly and effectively.

Despite the large amounts of training that Machine Learning needs, such as the required training from data analysts and data scientists, the excessive amounts of data that is analyzed and the need for algorithm training,Machine Learning is an amazing and effective tool that can be used in numerous ways to aid in the growth of different businesses. The limitless potential of Machine Learning is awe inspiring.

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