Voice Search Integration

Information Technology and Software Company Digital Marketing Success Strategies for 2021

What is Voice Search?

Voice Search is a technology that is growing and becoming common in today’s technology-obsessed world. You can search for anything on the internet by just using your voice. Voice Search uses speech-recognition technology, a natural language processing. Speech-recognition technology has provided a way for humans and technology to communicate without using a keyboard. Communicating with words and knowing the meanings is a natural trait that we humans have. And, to be able to communicate with technology is amazing! This technology is advancing rapidly and must be considered when developing your marketing strategy!

How Does Voice Search Work?

As a human speaks, the words are analyzed by Voice Search. Based on all the word in a phrase, it is now able to figure out the meaning of the word (s).

After it establishes the meaning of the word, it then proceeds to search those words on the internet giving you results related to the words and phrases you have spoken. All this happens without touching the keyboard.

A human brain can recognize and interpret the meanings of words at a very fast rate. Voice Search has advanced to quickly recognize questions, to find the information and respond. Because of this, it is being used on many devices. This speech-recognition technology opens new doors and opportunities for businesses and people. This technology must be considered when developing your Information Technology and Software Company’s marketing strategy.

Where is Voice Search Being Used?

Android devices now have a Voice Assistant called Bixby.

– Bixby helps search information.
– Learns to individually identify different voices.
– It adapts to your voice.

Apple has a voice search called Siri.

– Siri has natural language processing
– Speech recognition
– Google Voice Search
– Uses speech recognition to find information on the internet.

And, of course, Alexa

– Uses speech recognition to find information on the internet in the comfort of your home.
– Uses AI to customize and make suggestions to Voice Searches

How Voice Search Effects Your Information Technology and Software Company

Voice Search

When a client searches for IT service using voice search, will your Information Technology and Software Company come up? When typing in a question into a search engine, there is a specific algorithm that is used to rate your Information Technology and Software Company. Keywords that correspond to the typed questions along with SEO will determine where you rate. Most businesses develop their marketing strategies with this in mind. However, with Voice Search, Information Technology and Software Companies must figure out how to be found in a different way. Voice search not only responds to keywords, it uses phrasing and, in many instances, Artificial Intelligence (AI.) Voice Search will use AI to learn your preferences and respond based on these.

Because Voice Search searches in a different way, your Marketing Strategy must use a different algorithm to be found. Finding a Digital Marketing Company that understands and can implement both standard and Voice Search SEO will help your Information Technology and Software Company to rank high.

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