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Change The Way You Think About Video

MetaSense Marketing Management Inc Networks new approach to video production is changing how web services companies, digital agencies, corporations, and broadcast/web media across North America think about video. Our technology-first process and systems-driven approach to video production combined with a 3,400+ person strong North American-wide, crowdsourced video production workforce has changed the way video is produced and allows us to provide a broad range of unique video production.

We've made Video Production Simple

3 different video styles at varying lengths for web, mobile and social media campaigns

  • Profile
  • Testimonial
  • Ad
  • Show, don’t tell. Make a greater impact on your customers through interactive video production.

  • Provide deeper insight on your products/services.
  • Train employees or educate customers about your business with corporate video production.
  • Increase marketing engagement with interactive videos, banners and motion graphics.
  • Cloud Computing, Process Engineering, and Crowdsourcing

    Our business was developed with three guiding principles:

  • Leverage cloud-based technologies
  • Apply process engineering concepts
  • Develop distributed, crowdsourced workforce management systems
  • Video Production Services

    We are experts in everything from commercial, corporate and digital video production.

    Corporate Video

    Corporate videos are a great way to tell your company’s story, create awareness of your brand or train your people. Whatever your objective, we can make it happen.

    Social Media Video

    Online social video is without a doubt the most effective way to showcase your products or services and reach the largest possible targeted audience as fast as possible.

    Commercial Video

    Metasense is fully equipped to create film and television quality productions for use in advertising or for any promotional purposes such as expos or events.

    Script Writing

    Avail yourself of our team of creative writers who are ready to communicate your message into a clear and concise script that makes sense to your target audience and translates your companies values to your clients.

    Audio production

    Crystal clear sound can only be achieved with the proper audio recording, processing and editing techniques, which our skilled sound engineers can ensure is the case for any of your productions.

    Design & Graphics

    Many people underestimate the value of brand consistency, but it's important for your video to match your companies visual identity. Our designers can ensure your video marketing suite looks appropriate and legitimate.

    Describing video
    lengths and more:

    30 Seconds

    Deliver a quick snapshot - perfect for raising awareness and creating a positive impression.

  • Dedicated production team
  • Music and graphics
  • Engaging business shots
  • Web, mobile and TV formats
  • 1 round of edits
  • 60 Seconds

    Provide a detailed overview - perfect for generating interest among customers.

  • Dedicated production team
  • Music and graphics
  • Engaging business shots
  • Web, mobile and TV formats
  • 2 rounds of edits
  • 90 Seconds

    Present “the big picture” - perfect for engaging customers who want to know more.

  • Dedicated production team
  • Music and graphics
  • Engaging business shots
  • Web, mobile and TV formats
  • 2 rounds of edits
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