Top 5 Ideas for Digital Marketing After Black Friday

Thanksgiving is over. The opening salvo of the 2015 Holiday Shopping bonanza has been fired, as Black Friday and Cyber Monday just concluded. Welcome to the shopping blitz!
You’ve been refining your marketing plans for this time of year for months, and your carefully considered strategy based on your comprehensively researched metrics is in place so all you have to do is sit back and watch the profits increase, right?
But what if you’re just like those last minute shoppers who find themselves looking for a gift to give at 11 p.m. on December 24? What if you don’t have a digital marketing plan ready to roll and you’re sweating the fact that Holiday Shopping is happening right now?
Fear not, we here at MetaSense Inc are here to let you know that it’s going to be fine. You can put a last minute marketing strategy together that will help stuff your coffers as your customers seek stocking stuffers. You just have to stick to our 5 tried and true tips for Digital Marketing After Black Friday:
Idea 1: Use What You’ve Got
The marketing tools you already have in place can be utilized right now for any Holiday Shopping campaign you want to put together on the fly. This means you just use the same channels you’ve used for all of your other marketing campaigns in the past. Do you already put out a newsletter? Just put out a special issue for the Holiday season. Already doing email marketing campaigns? Put out an extra one just for the Holiday season. You also should target the customers you have, and cultivate your customer loyalty by offering them something exclusive. Make them feel special and give them something with added value and you will get them coming to your site.

Idea 2: Keep it Mobile, Keep it Social
Reach out to your current customers with any holiday marketing collateral through mobile and social media channels. And also leverage potential new customers through the same channels. Everyone is already chatting away and buzzing with conversation about what happened over Thanksgiving. There’s a ton of people lamenting deals missed, bragging about deals obtained, and generally sharing memes and images that make snarky fun of the cultural impact of Black Friday. Tap into that with your own conversation. Reach out to these potential customers and get your name in front of them. Social media is a powerful marketing tool that is perfectly suited to getting commentary, collateral and plans out there quickly.

Idea 3: Coupons, Groupons and Promo Codes
Black Friday and Cyber Monday may have come and gone. But that just means you have a chance to stand out from the crowd. A brand new set of promos, specials, discounts and deals tailor made to your brand, on your time, is the perfect approach to a marketing campaign after the season has started. This is your exclusive set of discounts. And since many shoppers themselves feel like they missed out on big deals by missing Black Friday, you can tap into that desire to find a newer, current deal.

Idea 4: Test Something New
Try something totally new and totally different. Now is the time to strike as consumers are out and about rabidly whipped into a buying frenzy. So if you ever wanted to see if Facebook ads would work for your business, they’re very inexpensive and very easy to use. Toss $50 at something like that or Google AdWords and see if it sticks. Go deeper and try Facebook Retargeting, allowing you the ability to gather more incisive information about your target customer to help craft far more effective marketing campaigns on into the next year. Try something completely new, like a SnapChat marketing campaign. With the increase in buying and shopping, you are primed to try something completely experimental.

Idea 5: Be User Friendly
In 2015, online shopping is ingrained and habitual. You want all of your digital marketing to reflect this characteristic. In other words, you want your user experience to smooth, friendly and easy to use. Make sure your campaign is simple, your call to action is crystal clear, and you get your users to the collateral as easily as possible. Keep in mind that many users, especially the millennial demographic, have their heads in their devices even when they’re at a brick and mortar location. Make it as easy as possible for them to buy your goods or services by keeping their behaviors and their preferences in mind no matter what campaign you launch.

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