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I thought I had SEO under control for my site. I had keywords, keywords and more keywords. Lists of keywords and metatags and everything I needed to rank for. But I noticed my site was losing ground and slipping in the rankings. MetaSense Marketing helped turn that around by helping me update my SEO strategy. They gave me a multifaceted approach that brought together many channels under a streamlined set of keywords. Now I have a content based marketing plan that optimizes my business, not just a list of words.”

Xtreme Listing

I noticed my competitors were showing up on the search engines before my business. I found out that I wasn't optimized for local searches so I was lagging behind. That's when I found out about MetaSense Marketing's Xtreme Listing.

They went above and beyond all other local listing services I researched. Instead of just filling out a form that auto submits to a list of indexes, MetaSense gave my business a personal touch, ensuring my info matched each individual listing service and our local audience was finding us in a meaningful way.”

Site Redesign

I used to struggle with my website. It took up too much time and kept me away from running my business effectively. Then I called MetaSense.

Their team gave my site the professional makeover it needed. They built me a Responsive, Mobile Friendly and Optimized site. The turnaround time was fast. Now my website looks great, runs smoothly and enhances my business.”

Digital Marketing Strategy

Our Business was in a tight spot. We needed to get some creative ideas to help us market, and we needed them fast. MetaSense Marketing stepped in and truly saved the day. They presented us with a content marketing plan, executed the plan on time and on budget and we started to see the growth projections tick off within the first 6 months.?


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