Information Technology and Software Company Digital Marketing Success Strategies for 2021

I must start by saying that any strategy you build within any organization requires measurements. It is the way for you always to know you are on track.

The same holds true for Digital Marketing for Information Technology and Software Companies.

You need a strategy, as we have discussed in numerous articles.
For that strategy to be effective and for you to know it is effective, it must be.


You are on a mission to implement all these new tools and all these new processes. But do you know:

– How to determine if they are successful?
– How do you know you are doing the right things?
– How do you know which are working and further, which are working the best?
– How do you know where is the best place to put your future money?

Goals and objectives are required.

If you start up a website – what are the goals of the project – what are the expectations?

– Is it to bring in x number of visitors to the site?
– Is it to get people to fill out a form so you can build an email list?
– Is it for information only?
– Is it for clients only?
– What is the goal?
– How are you going to measure it?
– What will define success?

If I am putting together an email marketing campaign.
If I am putting together a list building campaign.
If I am putting together a social media campaign.
If I am doing digital advertising, PPC, Facebook or other paid advertising.

How do I measure my results?

How do I understand, what are considered positive results?
This is a critical piece when you are developing your strategy.
Remember strategy talks about cost and ROI.

If you can’t measure it, then you will never know if it works!

As business people know, you must justify the cost.

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