Marketing: What is Your Return on Investment?

Marketing: What is Your Return on Investment?

Evaluating your Return on Investment (ROI) is key to you marketing strategy and marketing success.

As someone who needs to market your company in the most effective way, you must be able to evaluate your marketing’s effectiveness, costs, and ROI. There are countless ways to market your business. Tracking the results of traditional marketing has been exceedingly difficult. How many people saw your billboard? Did they respond to that message and become a customer? Did someone see your ad on TV? How many people had to see the ad to get one customer? And how much did that cost? As I said, it is extremely difficult with older marketing methods to see if your marketing investment is paying off.

Digital Marketing is the Answer

With the advent of Digital Marketing, seeing every exposure and monitoring the purchases that result from your Digital Marketing is easy. You have instant access to see the response to your ads. With this knowledge and costs defined, you can calculate ROI.

And what businesses are discovering is that Digital Marketing offers the best exposure to your products and services while offering the highest ROI.

Your Strategy

Today, I want to look at your marketing needs and see what you can do moving forward with your Digital Marketing strategy. My goal is to make you more comfortable in knowing what you need from a marketing standpoint to get more leads and grow your sales.

From Content to Delivery Method

First let’s define these for you. Content is simply what you put out for people to see. Content includes the writing, pictures, video, and anything else physically seen to expose your business to customers.

Delivery method is how you are going to get others to see what you have to offer.

This can include:

SEO-Search Engine Optimization
PPC- Pay-Per-Click
Email Marketing
Social Media / Facebook Advertising
Social Media posting / profiles / interaction
Mobile Apps
Traditional Non-Digital Marketing methods

As the person with the task of developing the best process and maximizing your ROI, it is especially important that you understand “Content is King.” Your content must be great, consistent, and everywhere in order to drive the success of your marketing campaign. Your “Delivery Method” drives that content. Digital Marketing uses the internet. The internet is everywhere and is where marketing can be consistent and highly visible. Digital Marketing will get you found now.

How much is this going to cost and what is the ROI?

I get that question early in most of my conversations. The cost is based on the goals and needs of your company. With Digital Marketing, we get to know our clients and work to maximize exposure while assuring maximized and measurable results and ROI.

Many companies have a set budget. A great Digital Marketing Firm will evaluate that budget along with your goals to develop a marketing campaign to maximize your marketing ROI. When evaluating your budget, considering the ROI is important. If your Digital Marketing cost $5,000/month and brings in $50,000 profit, your ROI is fantastic. And because you can measure the results of the Digital Marketing Campaign, the ROI is clear.

The first step is to meet with a Digital Marketing Agency that will take the time to understanding your company and your specific needs. The Agency will work with you every step of the way to maximize your Return on Investment.

If you are spending money on marketing today and you are interested in getting a higher return on investment and measurable results, then we should talk about Digital Marketing.


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Choosing a company that specializes in Digital Marketing can help in all these areas.

MetaSense Marketing stands above the crowd with SEO with their patent-pending process iMetaDexTM. They are the only Digital Marketing company that can use this revolutionary tool to maximize your placement in searches and lower your PPC costs by up to 500%.

MetaSense Marketing looks at your company and current marketing efforts and we know how to optimize it all.

Is there a marketing area that may need some attention?

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